How to escape from work

How to escape from work
 At work you spend a lot of time. To achieve any success requires some effort, but you can not be in constant tension. To restore the lost energy, need to be distracted from work, people.
 First of all, clean up your desktop. Fold gently documents in a folder, remove unnecessary things in the locker. Wipe the computer monitor special towel. Look at your organizer, sharpen pencils. Wipe with a damp cloth dust off the table. Now the workplace look nice.

During lunch you can go to a cafe or city on business. Or find a reason to escape for a while from the office. Go shopping or simply breathe in the fresh air, walking along the street.

Try to do exercises. Do not sit in one place for hours on end, because it is harmful. Stand up, walk around the office, you can a couple of times to reach the floor. You can even jump a little. And do not pay attention to your co-workers if they would laugh. Offer them the same exercise.

Arrange tea. Have a drink together with employees of your department tea drink that is both tonic and soothing, it is much more useful than coffee.

Take the initiative. Ask superiors to give you a new job if your responsibilities are monotonous and boring. You can ask to increase wages or improve the position. After a change of activity - it is one of the best outdoor activities.

Listen to music while the head of the meeting. Lift your spirits. Not to interfere with colleagues, you can use headphones.

Help a colleague. Ask that if he needed help. This will help to diversify your activity. And the next time you too can help.

Make a call to your family or friends. Call your child and learn how to make the school what assessment he received.

Please do not strain at work and subjected to various stresses, as many diseases are caused by nerves. To prevent this, you can take a few days off during the week at their own expense.

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