How to create optimal conditions for

How to create optimal conditions for
 Every day at work many spend at least 9 hours. This is a fairly long period of time during which the body of any person changes occur related to his biorhythms. From these, and by many external stimuli, and determines the degree of concentration of attention, which determine the performance and quality. These factors must be considered in order to create optimal conditions for the company's employees work.

House Rules employee must make taking into account the fact that the morning before lunch most productive for the activity that is associated with mental stress and requires concentration. For example, if your company works with the visitors, it is better to appoint reception hours in the afternoon, when mindfulness and concentration are no longer required.

Make sure to somehow divide the jobs and personal space staff. Now do it simply by installing office glass or solid partitions. This will allow everyone to respect their personal space, which has a positive impact on performance. Enable players and disable employees to use loud or annoying colleagues to music on their computers.

Equally important is the design of the workroom. Walls, ceilings and floor coverings should not be screaming, annoying colors. Working conditions, when provided with favorable visual condition, increase productivity by 15-17%.

Ergonomic conditions allow to feel comfortable and safe, without even getting up from the table a long time. Stiff neck and back distract from work and forced to constantly get up and stretching their stiff limbs. Buying office furniture, note that it can be adjusted in accordance with the characteristics of growth and body of each employee, especially chairs.

Irritant effect on many odors, including cigarettes, perfumes aggressive. Provide office space special air fresheners that are able to neutralize odors.

Inside the office, or you can arrange to visually highlight the recreation area. This is a prerequisite for productive work. Opportunity to relax sit on the couch, drinking a cup of coffee, apart from work only stimulates productivity. This concern for the creation of optimal working conditions is a must, and all the costs it will pay off in the near future.

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