How to create a presentation

How to create a presentation
 Important in the presentation - inspired convey ideas, thoughts that they caught fire and the viewer. Therefore, the presentation is the culmination of some project, presenting the results of all in an accessible form.
 First of all you need to master the program PowerPoint, or any other, allows you to create presentations. This program is the most common and available in any full office suite. This application window is divided into two parts. In the center - the current slide, you are working on. On the left side - an overview of all the slides in order, on the right side panel is included settings that manages a variety of effects, sounds, movements of objects.

The presentation will consist of slides on which you place the information they are created in the left window with the right mouse button. On the pop-up slide, you can remove all the fill pattern (fields marked with dashed lines), and manually set the picture and write the text. On the settings you specify the mode of change (over time or with a mouse click), the effects of the appearance of text or images. Watch the presentation by clicking the button "Start" in the top menu bar.

All the information you have, you can not place in the presentation. Therefore, you must treat it so as to tell and show in an accessible form, in optimal time, and provide the best absorption of the audience. First, select the main ideas. No more than three. Each thought Pick 2-3 most important argument. Total, you have a maximum of 9 objects - the optimal amount for the perception of ordinary people, with which your audience will be.

Pick your thoughts and arguments of quality and vivid photos, illustrations. Not recommended for use clip art (painted, stylized images), it spoils the presentation detracts from it. Search photos can any photo stocks using keywords (semantic word or phrase related to the use).

Offers articulate as clearly as possible and concisely. Do not overload your slides letters, numbers and small pictures. Complex patterns or ideas, concepts are broken down into simple parts.

Think about the beginning and end of the presentation. They must be the most impressive and memorable. To do this, set the problematic issue, stimulating interest and thinking audience. Make a conclusion nontrivial conclusions that also illustrate.

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