How to cook lemon brew

How to cook lemon brew
 Kvass - this is one of the oldest beverages. Kvass recipes very much, and the most famous of them - this, of course, the traditional bread kvass. But among the most common fruit kvass - lemon, lemon as kvass can be easily and quickly quench your thirst in the hot weather.


- 5 lemons;
- 5 liters of water;
- 15 g of dry yeast;
- 2, 5 cups of sugar;


Cut thinly peel with whole lemons.
Put all into a container in which you'll prepare kvass.
Fill them with five liters of boiling hot water.
Dissolve dry yeast in half a glass of warm water.
When the water in the tank has cooled slightly, add the diluted yeast.
Then sprinkle in 2, 5 cups caster sugar and mix everything carefully until sugar is dissolved. Instead of sugar, you can take molasses or honey.
When the sugar is completely dissolved, strain through a sieve.
Squeeze the juice of five lemons.
Add the lemon juice into the same container. Once again mix well.
Pour the brew on glass bottles. Zakuporte sealed plugs and leave to infuse at room temperature.
When the brew in the bottle begins to foam, put them in a cool place. Bottles with kvass should be stored in a horizontal position.
Kvass will be ready to eat in one day.
Before use, cool brew in the fridge.


Use the container for kvass can be any. The most important thing - it must be clean. Before use, rinse it with hot water.
Open a bottle of kvass very carefully, it is possible "champagne effect".
If the brew is unsweetened, add one or two tablespoons of sugar.

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