How to be more responsible

How to be more responsible
 Maybe you do not just have gave a promise to start a serious struggle with their own irresponsibility. For example, on Monday. From next. And then to think about it on Wednesday, was reprimanded by the chief for not doing the job on time. Maybe it's useless? Perhaps nothing can be done about it? But the point is that the responsibility is not born. Responsible - become. So, all in your hands!
 For a start look at what may be the cause of irresponsibility. The roots of all our qualities, and not very useful, to be found in childhood. If parents control every step you take, and tried everything that causes you the slightest difficulty making themselves develop responsibility was nowhere. It must have been frustrating, but in a certain way is convenient: in fact the entire burden of responsibility taking on mom and dad, recalling not made to help make decisions, performing particularly unpleasant or difficult tasks ... Now, when you are an adult, no one do not be.

But you may still feel some advantages own irresponsibility. For example, it gives you a reason not to engage in challenging work that requires attention and efficiency, not to search for career opportunities, not to assume obligations to friends and relatives. And besides, everything is well aware that for complex instructions is better to choose someone else, but not you. All this is much easier life, is not it? But that's the price for this facility can be high: loss of trust and respect from loved ones, as well as not too good reputation at work. If this is such a development does not suit you, it makes sense to make an effort to ensure that the change for the better.

You can always give yourself something that is not received in time from their parents: a positive attitude toward myself and put in front of you problems. Enough to scold and blame yourself - unless it helped you before? After completing the task, do not discount the results, thinking about what had to do everything faster and better. Perhaps you have always dreamed of praise parents or teachers - so tell yourself the words that you have been missing. Promise yourself something nice after your work is done. Think about how successful the task will affect your career development, relationships with colleagues or relatives. Imagine yourself a winner. And with this inner attitude - to move confidently towards the goal.

Do not forget that there are two irresponsibility "best friend" - distraction and disorganization. Take care that they do not prevent you to achieve your goal. This will help a variety of techniques and time-menendzhmenta program planning. Now a lot of them, so you can choose the one that is right for you. Think of how you prefer to store the information? What suits you: a list in a notebook, Mind Mapping, the program organizer on your computer or phone? Maybe you want to use colored pens, markers, buy instead of the usual diary notebook handmade? Walk up to the task creatively, even planning will be an interesting pastime!

Remember that the idea of ​​"I've still got a lot of time" - one of the most common pitfalls. If you go at it on occasion, to finish your job you have at the very last moment, and then ask him a reprieve. Continue to her: "... and that's fine. I'll do my project right now! "Then you do not just say to yourself for this" thank you ".

Do not forget to thank and approve yourself for every step of the job performed. Success in achieving the goal!

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