How to be a leader in the group

How to be a leader in the group
 Leaders are not born, but becomes. Even Crown Prince Crown can not get it, if he is weak and weak-willed. Constantly engaged in self-education and the development of a true leadership qualities.
 Remember that in a vacuum no man was able to become a full-fledged leader. That's why you have to be qualities of someone who can lead the group. If you long for them not to see themselves fully, they should develop.

Leader must be an example for others. Qualities that attract - self-discipline, self-discipline, the ability to take responsibility and make decisions skills with the team. Constantly work on yourself in this direction. If you are hesitant, start with at least charge in the morning and strictly adhere to this.

Loans and his intellectual development, but do not read (listen, look), all in a row. Make a rigid plan, under which you will need one or the other literature, music, movies. If you are going to pass some courses, think what they could really give you, except that you'll have to learn on their own.

If you are by nature a shy person and are afraid to speak first, develop communication skills. Please note: people listen to the words of others only when interested, but not because it is pronounced in a commanding tone. Then you just have handy your intellectual superiority. But beware get under someone's influence, or will soon become something of a "scientific dogs" and about leadership you will only dream of.

Be as autonomous and independent in their judgments. However, the ability to recognize their mistakes in time - this is also one of the leadership qualities. If you initially took responsibility for making decisions (individually or on behalf of the group), it must adhere to this trend, and in case of success and failure.

Do not forget that your other colleagues or employees may begin to claim to be a leader. Select a course of conduct that, on the one hand, do not start "witch hunt" on the other - not liberal with them. And then, and more will be negatively perceived in the team, and you thus find your weakness.

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