How to avoid stress at work

How to avoid stress at work
 Stress has long been a constant companion of modern life. But the body is not so easy to carry additional stress loads that are inevitable in such circumstances. And there are ways to deal with stress?

According to some studies up to two-thirds of all working women and men are constantly under stress in the workplace. Therefore, you must take some action to avoid stress at work. Although completely get rid of stress is impossible, but the strength of each to try as much as possible to neutralize their harmful effects on the body and increase its resistance to stress.

To solve this problem, experts advise to stick to the four main simple rules.

Firstly, to be physically active. It is important to perform some appropriate exercise. For example, to get up from a chair, make torso, walk, shook his head and did not sit in the workplace during lunch break.

Stress loads stimulate the production of adrenaline in the body that you want to spend, otherwise it starts to harm the work of the different organs and body systems (eg, the first to suffer cardiovascular and digestive). A physical activity helps to "squander" the excess of this hormone.

Secondly, it is important to adhere to proper nutrition and regulations consume wholesome meal, abandoning harmful. First of all, it is important to reduce the amount of consumed caffeine (tea, coffee, cola).

Thirdly, it is useful to conduct diary in which to record all important and current affairs. This eliminates the need to keep in mind too much information - just look at my notebook. In addition, this rule will help to cope with excessive anxiety (will not fear anything to forget or miss an important meeting).

And, fourthly, do not limit yourself in communication. Need to set aside time to meet friends, relax - so you can escape from work, relieve stress and relax.

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