How to add a new activity

How to add a new activity
 Upon registration, the company determines the main type of its activity, as well as additional types, which it will do in order to make a profit. These data are recorded in the tax authorities and statistics. If the company plans to expand its activities, it must notify the relevant structures.
 Even if the charter company has references to the kind of activities that it intends to do, it does not give him the right to carry out economic activities in the new field without registration in accordance with the law of the new direction for the company.

The company can not register the name of any new activity. All activities are named and labeled in NACE - North American Industry Classification System.

At the present time to register a new type of activity is not required to collect the documents. Just fill in one application form R14001. This statement can be purchased at the points of sale of printed materials with the tax authorities, specialized stores or downloaded from the Internet.

In the form of R14001 filled with all the relevant pages. Sheets, non-changes, which are not filled and are not included in the statement. So, you need to enter data about the company on the first sheet, the second sheet - mark marker paragraph 2.13 and enter the number of filled sheets N and / or O.

H sheet is provided for the new activities list About - to avoid old. If the main activity of the company does not change the first line in the list H should be left blank. If more than ten kinds of activities, you must create a copy of the sheet of H (D) and continue listing the species. If the company does not exclude any type of activity sheet about not filled and filed.

Codes and their meanings must strictly comply with the wording of the classifier. In the fields designed for codes must contain at least three digits that specify the type of activity.

The application shall include the information about the applicant, corresponding to those stated in the documents (passport, certificate of registration with the tax authority, and so on). Page designed to stamp notary is not filled, but be sure to be printed (applied).

After filling the form the applicant can apply to the notary office, with your passport. Notary sews statement and certify the signature of the applicant (this is a paid service). The applicant or his authorized representative must submit to the territorial tax authority certified statement not later than three days after the decision on the registration of new activities.

After registration activities in the tax authority to the applicant (representative) should contact the State Statistics Committee (Roskomstat), with a copy of the new certificate confirming that the data entered in the register, an extract from the register and the founding documents for the new newsletter of SSC.

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