How do you apply for a job

How do you apply for a job
 Pre-employment employee must pass an interview, the results of which leader concludes whether the person with the qualification requirements or not. After an affirmative answer from a new employee accepted a statement.
 In general, an application written with his own work. Nevertheless, not excluded and the printed version. Some organizations have their own specially designed forms (screen forms), which should only enter personal data, place of residence and telephone number.

Unified form of this document does not exist, but there are certain rules that must be followed.

For a job written on a blank sheet of A4.

In the "cap" you need to specify the full name of the institution, chief of his name, as well as your full name residence address and telephone number to address emerging issues in the process of registration for work.

After the "cap" on the center of the sheet should write the word "statement".

Paragraph indent, you can start writing the text of which is set out in any form. Often it begins with the following sentence: "Please take me to the post," further states vacant position for which the applicant claims.

If the office of fiat, it must be specified in a statement that the applicant is accepted for a period of maternity leave, the main worker.

Sometimes, the document states wage. Basically, this phrase is: "... with payment in the amount of staffing." It is not mandatory and is left to management.

You can specify the number of bets, which calculates future employee, but it is better not to do it. Also, do not use kantselyarizmy and archaisms: "I beg you not to refuse", "urge", "up to you", "thanks in advance" and others.

In some cases, together with the application management of the company may require a copy of TIN and pension insurance card.

Under the main text of the document put the date and signature of the applicant.

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