Helpful and healing properties of black currant

Helpful and healing properties of black currant
 Bushes black currant - a constant attribute of suburban areas. Delicious and juicy berries have become a favorite treat for many. It is eaten raw, because it make compotes and jams, is used as a filling for pies and the foundation for the house wine. However, black currant not only has an amazing taste, but also a number of useful properties.

That is not only blackcurrant vitamins B, P, carotene, sugar, pectin, phosphoric acid, essential oils and tannins, potassium, phosphorus, and iron. And the content of vitamin C black currants can be attributed to the leaders of fortification.

The berries of this plant are able to prevent cancer and is very useful for the cardiovascular system. Small black fruit and used to prevent diabetes. These properties are valued producers of biologically active additives, which often includes an extract currant.

For those who are not too good vision, black currant is also a good helper - it helps to maintain visual acuity. Fruits and leaves of the plants used in the treatment of kidney stones, liver disease, and respiratory tract.

Large amounts of vitamin C, which contains currants, lets talk about the excellent antioxidant properties of berries. In addition, black currant useful in angina - its juice has anti-inflammatory and disinfectant properties.

Healers of old used black currant with diarrhea and high temperature, insisting leaves in a water bath. The nice thing is that the currant does not lose its health properties during processing and canning.

Juicy currant berries are used to make juice, helps restore patients after surgery. It is useful and anemia, high blood pressure, helps to cope with bleeding gums, relieve the pain of a stomach ulcer and gastritis.

Decoction of the leaves of currants - an excellent tool for the treatment of a variety of rashes and irritation of the skin. Those who suffer from constipation and metabolic disorders, help the infusion of the leaves of this magical plant. Bronchitis apply black currant juice with honey.

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