Flirt can not work

Flirt can not work
 Work robs us of not less than eight hours a day. Not always remain after a hard day on the strength and desire is to arrange his personal life. Therefore, there are men and women who are trying to do it at work. Can I flirt at work, or should not do it?  

Often flirting at work leads to office romances. But not all the love affair ends happily. Some of them end with scandal and entail unpleasant consequences.
After a quarrel with her lover, it is difficult to choose the right strategy. Object former passion no longer want to see. But if your job responsibilities intersect, then still have to communicate. Will be particularly difficult if he starts talking about his victory other workers.
Colleagues know about your flirting, whispering, secretly smile, ask questions. Survive such an emotional press hard. It should still have time to think about work and perform their duties.
Subordinates often flirt with your boss in the hope of improving. But as soon as the office romance comes to an end, such a worker prefer to dismiss. In order to keep the team in a calm environment.
Often flirting in the service subsequently forced to change jobs. Therefore, flirting in the workplace, do not need to avoid intimate relationships. We must remember that you are here to work and perform their duties.
Under no circumstances should you share sensitive information. Perhaps the object of your passion runs on competitors.
Do not try to close the distance between you and your supervisor. Subsequently, it may do a disservice.
If a service of the novel can only be expected trouble, the flirtation at work does not hurt. It will help make the work environment more relaxed, intimate and lively.
Flirtation at work will always look good. After all, flirting is aimed at attracting the attention of the opposite sex. And in order to please everyone, you have to be attractive.
Flirting at work makes a person happy to go to work. About being late will be forgotten. Because the service is a person who is nice to him. And the work begins to like and enjoyable.
The relaxed atmosphere helps to treat the work with interest and draws staff, creates conditions for mutual support.
Yet, before you start to flirt at work, you need to think well, what happens, what the consequences might be, and whether you need all this.

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