Errors of time management

Errors of time management
 Time management requires the ability to effectively manage your time. However, some newcomers, trying to properly allocate their working hours, allowing gross errors, which ultimately leads not to an increase in labor productivity, and to decrease it.
 One of the most common mistakes of time management - time distribution only to work the case. Sometimes people seeking to fulfill as much as possible during the day affairs, completely forget to include in your holiday plans. Intending to do too much, people eventually become unable to stick to the plan. Firstly, unable to relax, people begin to run slower, and to perform some tasks have to spend more time than planned. Secondly, even if it is possible to meet the specified time, the quality of work deteriorates, and some things have to even later corrected.

Planning time, know the measure. Do not expect too much to perform, or have to constantly check the clock, take the time to try to keep up with the schedule. In such cases, people sometimes get nervous, trying to do his job somehow, for show, just to have time to finish what was planned. But at the same time we can not schedule too few cases. Plan your day so that it was the most rewarding. It is recommended to always leave at least a little time to spare, as there may be unforeseen circumstances in connection with which it is necessary to adjust the carefully laid plans.

Another blunder of time management, which could negate all the efforts to make a good plan for the day, it is ignoring its own circadian rhythm, the characteristics of the season and even the weather. For example, larks peak disability accounted for the morning, so all of the most difficult cases, as well as projects that require a creative approach, it is necessary to carry out before noon, and routine tasks to leave for the evening. As for the weather and the season, they can affect the mood and ability to work. In addition, if you have to travel, then, for example, in heavy snow in winter they have to spend more time than a warm summer day.

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