As quietly take a nap at work

As quietly take a nap at work
 Many know the following picture. Early, intensive working day, and as a result - closer to lunchtime irresistibly drowsy. Natural desire in such a situation - quietly take a nap right in the office, not having received a reprimand from the head.

Ever wanted to make a reservation. We are not talking about how to cheer up by a coffee or a cold wash, but rather on how to give your body shut down for 15-20 minutes.

Various studies have shown that a short sleep dining very useful and necessary for the organism. Biorhythm people so designed that an hour to four hours of the day a person fits of sleepiness. If you let yourself relax for a short while during this period of time, it is a positive impact on performance.

Of course, you can meet and humorous tips on account of how quietly take a nap in the office. Most original, perhaps, is the proposal to buy a special sticker. They depict the eyes, you need to stick to the closed eyelids.

It is unlikely that colleagues do not pay attention to that man does not move with it at him with wide eyes and nemorgayuschy look. But let us leave this joke, like jokes that sleep in the office can be standing, hidden behind a rack, or locked in a toilet cubicle.

Since these studies were conducted on biorhythms in America, there have introduced special recreation areas in the workplace. And in some places even opened a whole salons, where for a small fee during your lunch break, you can sleep in a comfortable chair for relaxation.

In Russia, of course, no such luxury. While some offices are equipped with seating areas. If there are sofas, do not hesitate for long nap, even sitting.

If you hesitate reactions of colleagues, and you have access to office keys, then select some free space and then close it. In this case, sleep will not only sitting, but even stretched out on a few chairs.

Unnoticed and can nap on the job, lowered his head a little and resting her hand as if you are thinking and looking down. Sometimes, by the way, to cheer, enough for five minutes to sit in silence with eyes closed and pairing with his fingers. A fellow can say that you need to think about an important decision at work.

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