Top women's jewelry

Top women's jewelry
 It has long been known that a girl's best friend. Of course, diamonds. But unless the stones themselves attract the attention of the fair sex? No, the first thing they get interesting when the part of the fine jewelry, and even better - if it is a decoration on the neck or arm ladies. Times change, but the passion for various kinds of jewelry and jewelry remains unchanged. But only if the beads and bracelets are female ornaments or is there something better?

First, pay attention to the classics. Yes, of course, jewelry continues to help women make their way unforgettable. Thanks to them, you can instantly transform and impress others. Even without changing the office to an evening dress costume, and just adding a few touches in the form of a set of earrings and necklaces, you can pass the most strict dress code for the party.

Of course, the best women's jewelry, despite the abundance of new trends are the most conservative - stud earrings, brooches and pendants. Which allowed them to earn as an honorary title? The explanation is simple: any other elements often require strict compliance with the general attire, they need to pick up kits and color combinations, they are forced to adapt to themselves, which is not always convenient. In contrast to the massive bracelets or large earrings, pendants and cloves to play semitones, complementing, enriching toilet girl emphases. They are considered companion sophistication and elegance and is equally well decorated and a young girl, highlighting its vulnerability, and mature lady, balancing it effectively.

As far as brooches, they have become a real lifesaver. They slaughtered scarves, belts adorn their lapel pin. They are used with maximum imagination, creating an infinite number of images using the same basic set of clothes. Choosing various brooches, you can make them the dominant image or its complement.

However, there are other jewelry, worthy of the best. What? Several of them. Firstly, hair. Neat haircut and styling will make you a star, even if you have only yourself to a holiday without jewelery. Well-groomed hair attracted the attention of more than diamonds shine. This also applies to the skin, and to manicure. Also the title of jewelry more seriously begin to qualify scarves and stoles. And soon we can expect that they will lead the list of the best.

Many designers are appreciated not only by the practical value of hours, but also an opportunity to creatively beat their straps, and as a result of these counters today bracelets adorn wrists time beautiful ladies in the truest sense of the word. Can we call them the best? From functional point of view - of course.

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