How to choose jewelry

How to choose jewelry
 Jewelry does not happen too much. Very expensive and quite affordable, avant-garde and classic - the choice depends on the lifestyle and preferences of those who will wear them. Deciding to buy some nice little thing for yourself or as a gift, go around a few shops and compare the range - if you do not make mistakes.
 Times when gold bought in store, passed. Today jewelry purchase to wear them. Before you choose a beautiful thing, decide whether it will suit your lifestyle. Secular girls attending presentations and parties, fit original bracelets, earrings and rings big fancy shapes. Business ladies should choose classical decoration - strict brooches, pendants, pearl necklaces and expensive watches.

Deciding to buy an unusual decoration - the original suspension, cufflinks in the form of gold bars or large Baroque ring, think about how often do you will be able to wear these things. If you work in an office with a strict dress code, and rarely go out, purchase settle dead weight at the bottom of your boxes. Perhaps better to choose a less flashy jewelry that can be worn every day.

Pay attention to fashion trends. In recent years, a combination of different shades actual gold in a single product, large colored stones and unusual combinations of materials. The most popular jewelry - rings. Chains and pendants are not in high demand, but the bracelets and brooches, on the contrary, are gaining popularity.

Do not limit yourself to the standard offers major jewelry chains. Visit specialized exhibitions - there you will be able to see all the fashion trends, talk with jewelers and owners of companies. And, of course, well, where you can buy any liked decoration.

Interesting things can be found in antique shops and art galleries. Do not forget about customization - some factories will be able to create their own jewelry on the author's sketches, sketches repeat customers or jewelry famous jewelry brands - of course, for a much lower price.

Selecting jewelery, be sure to try on it, even if you buy it not for themselves, but as a gift. Sometimes the original thing that looks beautiful on display, absolutely lost on the body. Ask saleswoman examples are chosen and precious little thing from the vote.

Be sure to secure the stones serviceability of locks and fasteners. Ask certificates for the product, check the sample and the alloy composition. Special care should be those who have discovered an allergy to non-precious metals - such as nickel. It may comprise a white gold alloy. Many products are covered with rhodium to create silky smooth, glossy surface. Such decoration dressy, but the coating is quickly covered with scratches and loses its form.

When purchasing jewelry with stones, pay attention to color options - they are very popular. Jewelers famous houses combined with more expensive materials available, for example, inserting into rings and necklaces semi-precious and precious stones at the same time. Precious stones and crystals are quite right to exist, but you must be sure that they get it. Check certificates to find a precise characterization of inserts. Be especially careful when buying the first category of stones - diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds, as well as a large sea pearls - in this category especially a lot of fakes.

Do not buy a suspiciously cheap jewelry, especially abroad. Most likely, the lowest price due to savings in material - soldering manufacture chains and locks used base metal and stones can be "hollow" or contamination. If you really like this ornament, buy it, but be aware that any value it has - it is almost jewelery, besides short-lived, the life of such crafts unknown even its manufacturer.

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