Hairstyle as Cover

Hairstyle as Cover
 Covers of glossy magazines play a key role in almost attract buyers. Therefore, they depict a girl symbolizing the ideal of beauty. Hairstyles at centerfold simple but at the same time and at the same time challenging. There is nothing easier than to repeat it - long straight hair, freely borne by the shoulders. From laying all clear, but what to do with a unique luster?

Understand why some girls just hair shine, and other beauties suffer from dull species of these. Hair something similar. It was then, and dig deeper. Hair is given to us by nature itself healthy. He is a pillar, all covered with scales, which are almost invisible, because it is very close contact to the base. Under the influence of different factors slowly peeled scales and display light which can be seen on the smooth surface of the hair becomes inconspicuous.

In order to make hair shine, make lamination. This procedure, which is similar to the procedure of hair coloring. The solution for laminating has more than 20 shades. It can also be transparent. After the procedure, the hair becomes shiny and silky. Unfortunately, this effect lasts only 3-4 weeks.

If your hair is very damaged, go to therapy with collagen, specifically designed for their deep recovery. Use mink oil. It has an instant effect, giving the strands welcome sight.

Use mainly those methods that require neither the strength nor power, nor a lot of money. Since the effectiveness of your efforts will be much higher and you will reach the desired result. Just pick up the shampoo with oils derived from grape seeds. Also select conditioners that contain honey extract and wheat germ extract.

Remember that the shine and beauty of hair depends on how well you "feed" them with vitamins and minerals. Eat carrots - Vitamin A is needed in order to stay healthy scalp. Eggs make hair strong, thanks protein and vitamin B12, which are contained in the product. Do not forget about green leafy vegetables, which his iron will give your hair shine.

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