The most conceited zodiac sign

The most conceited zodiac sign
 Some people have a vanity, that is, they love to be admired, say compliments. Astrologers have concluded that pride and arrogance are the most susceptible are those who are born under the sign of Leo.
 In the wild, the lion is the king of beasts. This animal feels superior to the other inhabitants of nature. A person born in the period from July 24 to August 23, experiencing almost the same emotions that this predator. He likes to lead others; he likes that others with respect and some are frightened him. The mood of the person can vary the speed of light, that is, he is now upset about something, and a minute later filled with laughter.

People born under this sign love to be the center of attention. Often, they are the leaders. They also like it when others admire their person, as if they push themselves to the highest pedestal. Vanity of such a person is a kind of "Achilles heel." Lions can not tolerate when they ignore or do not respect, they like flattery. If something is not as it should, it enrages them.

Regal habits are often manifested in everyday life, born under this sun sign. Taking guests, Leo tries to be refined in everything: food, drinks, atmosphere. Such people tend to be recognizable, well known and respected. They demonstratively show their success, achievement.

Despite the fact that apparently Lions look quite confident, they often have an inferiority complex. In addition to this, such people are very vulnerable and touchy. They try to help others, especially those who need help. What is it? Yes, the thing is that due to this they rise in people's eyes, and raise their self-esteem. For example, if someone asks them to borrow some money, and the person will not miss it, it will take it from someone else or take the credit. And all this in order to be admired, and to thank and stands out among the others.

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