Telegonia: Myth or Reality

Telegonia: Myth or Reality
 Telegonia - what is it? Pseudoscientific concept or truthful, but ignored all knowledge? On this account, there are many different points of view. But in any case, this should know, because it can be very useful in life.
 Telegonia as a biological concept originated in ancient times. In accordance with her pairing with the first and subsequent sexual partners has a significant impact on hereditary characteristics of offspring of a female. According to modern science, this view is prejudice, confusion, which is not supported by any experimental studies.

Thus, the concept Telegonia states that if a female had sexual contact with a partner, all the offspring of the following will have similarities with the first at the genetic level. It was believed that if a thoroughbred bitch mate with the usual yard dog, then later all her puppies will be like him in appearance and in character. Therefore, in many of these cases, the dog simply have targeted. For a long time, and were monitoring people. Are documented instances when suddenly a black woman born child, and befuddled husband learned that many years ago his wife had sex with an African.

Why is today, scientists believe that Telegonia is a myth? Firstly, it was proved that neither the first nor the subsequent sexual contact has no influence on the genetic structure of the female body. The above situation as humans, and animals are nothing but a manifestation of the offspring traits that are absent from the biological parents, but there were more than those of their ancestors. In addition, the effect on the fetus may have different mutations by adverse living conditions in the mother and father.

Today, the media are increasingly talking about Telegonia, sometimes passing it off as a scientific fact. But this is merely an attempt to isolate the young generation from promiscuity, which is essentially immoral. Do not ignore this information, because this sex life can actually be dangerous and cause a variety of adverse consequences, such as diseases, sexually transmitted diseases.

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