Compatibility of Sagittarius and Aquarius

Compatibility of Sagittarius and Aquarius
 Lovers in a couple belong to a particular sign of the zodiac, which can be compatible in nature and in love. And it happens that people are not suitable for relations with each other, and this confirms the horoscope. Everyone has the right to believe or not to believe in the interpretation of the stars, but to listen to him stands.

On the one hand, Sagittarius and Aquarius is very freedom-loving person who love romance and tenderness. Sure, they fit together as friends and partners. Understanding in this pair of incredibly high.

On the other hand, both trusted partner promises to each other, which often can not be performed. Over the years, this will lead to wilting relationship. Despite the same worldview, Sagittarius and Aquarius can not create a strong marriage, so he assumes the narrow confines of responsibilities and worries. And for individuals who want to master the new world, with the active character is very difficult to fit into the constraints of family ties.
The material side of the issue of these signs also will not be anything definite. Sagittarius is very Mercantile. This trait is often infuriate Aquarius. He himself from Sagittarius will require the implementation of all responsibilities in the home and for the home. But in this matter the couple can agree if Aquarius can replenish the family budget.

Sagittarius - the sign of a movable, and Aquarius - the constant. Therefore, Sagittarius likes to communicate with different people without authoritarianism and despotism. But if he feels that they are trying to command or lead cheated, he ceases communication. Aquarians tend not contrary to the conversation with a wide range of people protecting themselves from the instructions, what to do. Air sign Sagittarius appreciates honesty and love of travel, and he knows that Sagittarius will never be a hypocrite.

Career growth and success of Sagittarius is very painful wounds partner. Aquarius does not feel comfort and relaxation in a relationship, because first of all the success of the second half is accompanied by its internal variables.

On the love front of both signs are no obstacles. Only romantic and idealistic feelings Sagittarius faced with practicality and cynicism of Aquarius.

In this alliance, despite the general outlook on life, Aquarius and Sagittarius have to work on the relationship and find a compromise with each other.

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