What home clothes is a true lady

What home clothes is a true lady
 Each of us have a few suits to work, a good selection of clothes for meetings and sets for nature walks, but for some unknown reasons, most of us pay little attention to clothing is inexcusable for the home.
Let's think about it for a moment, worthy of a real woman who knows her worth and having a fair amount of self-esteem, the clothes in which we are now sitting at a computer at home?
What home clothes is a true lady
Why be pretty when you cook soup?
Burlesque diva and fashion icon, always looking like a lady-perfection, Dita Von Teese believes that a woman should dress well and tastefully regardless of whether it is sent to the big premiere or engaged dinner. "Many people think that I'm pacing around the house on heels. That's not it. But pajamas or elongated T-shirts I never wear. For an informal situation, I have a beautiful collection of home wear 30s and 40s, things of which I am pleased to put on the house and do not keep for special occasions, "- says Dita and adds strict orders to all the women:" Before a man can not go untidy! ".
But not only to man. This woman, a true lady never allow himself to be slovenly or untidy - just for its own sake! And besides, the house we spend much of his life, looking at us favorite husband and kids (think that since childhood we form our children a sense of taste and presentation of the beautiful) and at home we take guests meet with the neighbors. So why is it in front of your loved ones, in front of friends and myself before we have to go in rags?
What home clothes is a true lady
What to choose for the house?
Be attractive at home today easily. Yes, in Soviet times, there was simply no alternative to unsightly robe - except that continue wearing some old things. Now designers offer a variety of beautiful options that every woman can find something to his liking. Just look assortment of clothes for the house, for example, Italian brands to make sure that in our time the choice is very wide.
So, here are some options for stylish and modern clothing for the home.
What home clothes is a true lady
Perhaps this is the easiest way to look feminine and refined home. The more so because there are a lot of styles - from the models on the figure to balloon dresses and A-silhouette. You can easily pick out the appropriate option based on the type or shape of the image that you want to create.
Qualitative pantsuit of soft tissues (not to be confused with sports!) On stylishness is not inferior to pay.
Combined with leggings or shorts looks cute and cozy.
Ideal for women with a playful and spontaneous character. In addition, the suit - it is very modern.
Shorts and T-shirt
What home clothes is a true lady
A few words about the robe
And how is this familiar form of Soviet-era home clothes? True lady knows what bathrobe intended only to throw it immediately after a shower and a maximum reach of bed. Cute silk gowns are also needed in order to put them on getting out of bed and go to the bathroom to wash. It, however, can have a drink and a cup of coffee in the morning left alone. Well, or even used as a weapon of seduction, left alone with her beloved.
However, we should mention that modern gowns too are different. There are models in all respects (fashion, fabric, colors, decor) resembling homemade dresses and differ only in the presence of the two front shelves with buttons or zippers. Such variations are quite acceptable to wear at home.