If you love the Lion

If you love the Lion
 Leo - is the king of beasts, he worshiped the rest, and it is always in the spotlight. Roughly the same thing happens to a man born under this sign. Why should we be willing girl, in love with this man?
 Leo is especially sensitive to the period of courtship, as it was then that he can show itself in all its glory. He knows how to win a woman beautiful. However, despite this, these men prefer women fell at his feet themselves.

If you first laid eyes on the man of this sign, try as often as possible to be in his field of vision. Help win his admiring gaze, presentable, a few compliments and sincere adoration.

But if Leo chose you, you can feel yourself a queen. However, with the marriage proposal he will not rush, but do not push him to do - so you get only one - scare her admirer. Family for the man - something mysterious, even dangerous, so he does not seek to formalize the relationship.

With his wife, he behaves quite differently. For him, the spouse is a reliable rear, a man living only for him. These men need to be able to feel a knight, so his choice to be him in something considerably inferior. Leo needs to feel that you belong only to him, and always within his reach.

Male Lions did not tolerate criticism, even if you do not agree with it, try to encourage and praise. Moreover, this man is very important affection and tenderness, it is important not to forget about it. He must feel that love and remember him.

Lions are capable of deep sincere feelings, but often try to hide behind a mask of indifference and coldness. They need full trust your partner. Only in this case, you can feel all the range of feelings that this man can give.

Family means a lot for Leo. He is much easier to pull a heavy marriage than to disperse. However, he has the patience of the border, one day he can go and burn all bridges behind him. Usually they do not return to the old partners, resuming the search for the ideal woman.

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