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 Fragrant horoscope for all zodiac signs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Aries recommend ... Women: Allure, Coco, Opium, Chanel 5, Magic Noire. Taurus - Amarige, Champagne, Organza, XS. Fresh floral scent Remember Me From Christian Dior will add charm changeable Gemini. Bad mood, from time to time possessed Cancer, will help to correct optimistic aroma Flower by Kenzo by Kenzo.

2008 horoscope for each sign

The motto of this fire sign - "Always ahead!". Aries excitedly make plans, but not always translate them into reality. If you want to give them flowers, the best choice will tulips and gladiolus. They love the classic fragrance with a strong aroma, prefer sharp, strong and "manly" smells that are associated with the attributes of a real man - racing, extreme or diving. Aromas can combine notes of citrus, mint, bergamot, juniper or sandal. Pungent smells activate them make more persistent and attentive. Woody feel better and inspire them to good deeds. Rams impressive gift of cherry-red packaging.

Women are recommended: Allure, Coco, Opium, Chanel 5, Magic Noire. Also, the girls of this sign is suitable bold scent Odeur 71 From Comme des Garcons, energetic Lumiere From Rochas and adventurous From Miracle Lancome.

Men are recommended: Kenzo, Green Jens, M. Jordan, One Men Show

Taurus - one of the largest gourmet zodiac. Taurus is happy when his family peace and harmony reigns. He is not to any changes and innovations. Loves nature and he is no stranger to romance. Spring sprig of lilac could turn his head. Most suitable for Taurus perfume inherent floral-sweet notes and fresh aroma of bergamot (a kind of pear). This perfume stimulates their aesthetics and propensity to laziness. A whiff of the scent of wild moss helps them more easily adapt to any changes and innovations, making them more adventurous and active. A woman who wants to have a close relationship with Taurus can give perfume with the scent of vanilla, cinnamon, marjoram, or ylang-ylang. They like sexually stimulating scents. Taurus overjoyed large bottle in a bright red or bright green packaging.

Women are recommended: Amarige, Champagne, Organza, XS. The beauty of nature reflected in the aroma Mahora From Guerlain, will emphasize perseverance, practicality of Taurus, and their stubbornness evil spirits gently reflect Io From La Perla.

Men are recommended: Egoist, Fahrenheit, Hugo, Yatagan

They are very inquisitive, promoters of new ideas and willing to try everything in life, on what are often fired. Love roses and lilies of the valley. In their view, paradise - a garden, smelling of roses. Their active lifestyle fit and fresh, especially citrus notes. This scent has a positive effect on their psyche and influences the assembly. Aromas of spices and fresh herbs are able to stabilize their nervous system. Because they are not constant in their allegiances, they fit ultra fancy new smells. They like to keep changing odors. Give them extravagant and at the same time naughty bottle light yellow or sky-blue than deliver the Twin huge pleasure.

Women are recommended: 5-Avenue, 1881-Cerruti, L "Eua Par Kenzo, Pleasures. Fresh floral scent Remember Me From Christian Dior will add charm changeable Gemini, and light fragrance Betty Barclay Women From Betty Barclay will seduce any man.

Men are recommended: Aqua Digio, Blue Jens, Versus, What About Adam

For the sensitive and emotional Cancer is very important relaxed atmosphere and harmony. Cancer - a water sign, so it is best to rest by the sea, where he received a boost of energy. The fresh smell of the sea, and a mysterious smell of flowers cactus inspire creative spirit Cancer. His favorite smell of perfume - summer floral-fruity fragrance. Jasmine gives Raku forces. Conservatives Cancers can recommend classical compositions. All that time-tested - suitable for them. It is best to find out his favorite flavors and give them to. The best gift - a round bottle in dark yellow packing. Often they like and white, the symbol of light and purity.

Women are recommended: Aqua Digio, Escape, L "Eua D" Issey, Magnetic. Bad mood, from time to time possessed Cancer, will help to correct optimistic aroma Flower by Kenzo by Kenzo. And kindness and ability to empathize emphasize the warm Hugo Boss Women From Hugo Boss.

Men are recommended: Cool Water, 1881-Cerruti, Joop / Read, Pleasures

Leo has inexhaustible energy, which any of us might have envied. The perfect perfume for it is the combination of flower and classically elegant components. The sensitivity of all Leo responds to intense aromas. Fresh scent of narcissus inspires him and is able to get rid of his dark thoughts. Wood notes develop a sense of self-confidence and strengthen self-esteem. Basically Lions prefer bright, memorable smells. This can be aromas with notes of ylang-ylang, basil, vanilla, ginger and patchouli. Leo will not stand in front of a large bottle, decorated with imagination in yellow, green or golden packing. For Leo is not so much the smell of perfume as its prestige and value. Lions need to create an atmosphere of success and celebration.

Women are recommended: Eternity, Miss Dior, Paris, Poison. Resourcefulness representatives of this sign, their intuition and optimism favorably present aroma Intuition From Estee Lauder. A perfume J * Adore From Christian Dior Lioness simply can not be ignored, because she is so fond of gold.

Men are recommended: Havana, Polo Sport, Romo Uomo, Zino Davidoff

Most Virgos are too intelligent, like everything to be fair. Their balconies are usually surrounded by greenery. For them, it is important to material well-being. Strong floral aromas and exotic flavors, exotic smells can customize them to the romantic mood, if not outweigh the sense of reality. Usually Virgin do not like to stand out. That is why they prefer chilly restrained flavors based tart notes. So they try to hide the romance. They fit odors based on hyssop, kayaputa, juniper or tea tree. Virgos like a bottle with strict geometric shapes. They can act strongly blue or green packaging.

Women are recommended: Anais Anais, Diva, Paloma Picasso, Roma. Dev sexy men will feel from afar, barely catching the scent of Lilias Sexy Night Cologne From Pola Lilias. Tenderness, attention and practicality of this sign will underline aroma Sensations From Jil Sander.

Men are recommended: Jazz !, One, Sculpture, Angel

Libra - air sign, maybe that's why they easily cope with the fact that other causes sleepless nights. Prefer roses and freesia. In their gardens planted with pansies and autumn flowers. Sweet smells make them more confident. Warm tobacco smells give them confidence and determination. Scales devote much time to their appearance and attach great importance to the flavors enjoyed. They like exotic novelties with fruit and sweet flavors. This can be based on the perfume of vanilla, fennel, palmarosa, or myrtle. Libra would be nice if you presented them a bottle of regular shape with rounded edges in blue-green packaging.

Women are recommended: Gabriela Sabatini, Poeme, Priscilla Presley, Venezia. The creative nature of this sign is suitable avant-garde flavor Ella Mikao From Ella Mikao Design in multiples of bamboo. Optimism and lightness inherent in Libra, will give Toujourns Masumi From Coty u Jean Luc Amsler Femme From Jean Luc Amsler. In addition, pale lilac shade of these spirits - favorite color.

Men are recommended: Hugo, Declaration, Boss Elements, Black Seans

Courageous in nature Scorpio does what he pleases. His motto: "All or nothing". If you can arrange it for yourself, then consider that you have a very loyal friend. Scorpios love blue flowers, maybe because the color of their elements - water, and this color is calming effect on them. They love the subtle scent of narcissus. Citrus smells stimulate their spiritual strength. Vanilla smell improves mood of a nervous Scorpion, softening its sincere conflicts and making it more accessible. Remember scents that are Scorpios combine cold citrus top notes and oriental and sensual - lower. Scorpion can impress asymmetric bottle in dark blue, dark red or green rich package.

Women are recommended: Contradiction, Extravagance, D "Amarige, Vanessa. At the same time passionate and gentle spirits Truth From Calvin Klein - is a vivid expression of Scorpio nature. Love to all the classic Scorpio will not go past the fragrance Eau d`lvoire From Balmain. Classical forms of packaging these spirits will love restrained natures of the mark.

Men are recommended: Tommy, L "Eua D" Issey, Eternity, Dune

Most Sagittarius born optimists. Their element - fire, help them find their ideals. Due to its positive attitude towards the world and people, they have a lot of friends. Bouquet of gerberas makes shudder heart of Sagittarius, and the smell of lavender, citrus and moss operates on the Sagittarius as "living water." Sagittarius likes exotic and original flavors. They can remind sea freshness or exotic flavor of distant bluff flowers and tropical fruits. In the smell may be present scents of ylang-ylang, cloves, marjoram or anise. He enjoyed a bottle of non-traditional forms of royal blue or fiery red.

Women are recommended: LBde Ricci, Sculpture, S.Jacomo, Champs Elysees. Girls of this sign differ enthusiasm, zest for life and a tendency to exaggerate. Therefore, they will approach the bright flavor E`Zup From DeBon and optimistic From Premier Jour Nina Ricci. And will always be the first "Best flavor of 2001" - winner of the "Crystal bouquet".

Men are recommended: Escape, One, Bulgari, Dolce & Gabbana

For people born in the constellation of Capricorn, order and a sense of responsibility - not an empty phrase. Capricorns love camellias. They like perfumes with tobacco flavor and smell of leather. Captivate them and smells of jasmine. Pungent smell of moss, wood and medicinal herbs stimulate their skontsentrirovannost. Outwardly cold Capricorn changes marks of colognes, but adheres to the cold and bitter smells. He prefers smells which would approach for business conversation, not a disco. He is better to give aromas with notes of sage, eucalyptus, sandalwood, fir or neroli. Give them tart and fresh fragrance with floral and fruity accent in a massive bottle and dark packing, for example, anthracite, dark blue or dark green.

Women are recommended: Ocean Dream, Organza, Dolce Una, Rocco Barocco Silver. Kozerozhkam enjoy expressive aroma Naomagic From Naomi Campbell, who thanks to his wood-east composition underlines simultaneously their femininity and determination. Adventurous nature of Capricorn will manifest itself through the fragrance Lacoste for Women From Lacoste.

Men are recommended: Hugo, Yatagan, Havana, Green Jens

Aquarius - exclusive follower sense of freedom and independence. He is always looking for something new and in an effort to predict the future. Has attracted to perfume with elegant flower aroma, especially the smell of roses and orange trees. These fragrances it is both intoxicating and calming effect and stimulate its spiritual forces. Aquarius likes all unusual and romantic, everything that resembles waves, wind and adventure. They prefer fresh sea smell, and smells that give a sense of coolness. They fit fragrances based on sandalwood, clove, nutmeg or palmarosa. Desirable gift packing Aquarius - violet-red or blue cold and always with silvery shades.

Women are recommended: Anais Anais, 1881-Cerruti, XS, Oh Lala. Representatives of this sign will suit sharp, strong, unusual odors, such as, for example, Ghost, Givenchy Oblique From Givenchy, Donna From Nautilus. The color of these bottles - favorite Aquarius blue - will certainly want them to taste.

Men are recommended:Kenzo, Polo Sport, Opium, Roma Uomo

Despite the fact that fish are delicate and sensitive, they are capable and vigorous actions allowing them resolutely to cope with adversity. They have highly developed subconscious connection with lily and orchid. Sense of beauty finds at Fishes expression in preference of aroma of rare flowers and moss. Mimosa smell inspires and stimulates Fishes on new affairs, strengthens their ability to get used to the feelings and moods of close people. Heavy, Balsamic moss and amber scents awaken in them a sense of tenderness and imagination. Soft, dreamy, romantic. They prefer fanciful direction in perfumery and soft, unobtrusive scents. They like floral scents - white lily, rose, tuberose, myrtle or fresh - juniper, Chinese magnolia vine and citrus aromas. Please fish can be extremely gentle bottle shapes in pastel packaging.

Women are recommended: Champs Elysees, Roma, Jungle, Diva. Love this sign to water and freshness will not give Pisces pass spirits Ozone From Sergio Taccini. And intuition, which is highly developed in fish, combined with the scent of Words From Coty, without words will help bring them to the attention of any man.

Men are recommended: Fahrenheit, Sculpture, One Men Show, Minotaure

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