Stone tale: the choice of stone for good luck

Stone tale: the choice of stone for good luck
 Jewellery with natural stones, of course, beautiful and elegant. However, they are characterized and healing properties and can bring good luck and happiness to its owner. But if a stone is picked up incorrectly, it can carry with sorrow and disappointment.

To choose the right stone, you need to consider the value and the planet-patron of the person who will wear it. Ornament from stones always carries a special, hidden meaning. All stones are divided into several groups, each of which refers to a particular zodiac sign.

In other words, each character protects your stone. For Aries - it ordoniks and amethyst, for Taurus - agate, topaz, and the twins help beryl and emerald is the patron saint of Rakov. Lions preferably wear a ruby, and Virgos - sapphire or rhinestone.

Libra suitable for opals, beryl, tourmaline and diamonds, and for Scorpions - Bloodstone and topaz. Sagittarius corresponds turquoise, Capricorn - chrysoprase and onyx. Aquarius is desirable to select obsidian or sapphire, Pisces - aquamarine or alexandrite.

It is necessary to take into account the characteristics of individual stones. For example, alexandrite can not be presented without a pair.

The choice of stone depends even on the season. In January, you can give the coil, grenades or hyacinth, and in February, amethyst. March to fit a beryl, and for April - pinkish-purple amethyst.

In May give agate, in June - beryl, and in July - emerald. In August gave onyx, ruby, alexandrite, topaz, carnelian, golden beryl or moonstone, and in September - jasper. For the October gift suitable diamond for November - topaz, and for December - turquoise.

Finally, pay attention to the preferences of the person who will be wearing jewelry made of stone, as its color contributes to the development of certain personal qualities.

White Stone emphasizes excellence and loneliness, develops a sense of freedom and hard work. Red stones are symbols of passion, energy and movement, they strengthen the protective functions of the body. Orange hue is the epitome of elegance, beauty and movement, it develops a sense of beauty in the person.

Green stone symbolizes the integrity of the person, and blue - logical thinking. Purple color - a symbol of magic and mystery, purple - thought and will, brown - reliability, peace and stability, and black - the beginning and the end.

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