New horoscope and rituals for good luck

 New Year - a celebration of the holidays. It's always an event that is associated with a fairy tale, a special excitement, the anticipation of the celebration, the festive joy ... Who among us does not like New Year's Eve? Such people, probably not. Happy New Year everyone of us pins hopes to change lives for the better, in my heart settled expectation of magic, fairy tale, something light, white, sparkling snow as winter itself. We all want the best of luck, success, love and great achievements ... or just a change!

But any change is possible only when we are ready for them. As correctly noted in his poems Yevgeny Yevtushenko: "When we are changing - changing the world." Prepare for future changes internally - then hold a thorough and painstaking work on themselves. I am sure that you, our readers, do not sit with folded handle, and always something to do in order to achieve success and happiness, finding love and dreams. A hint of stars let you serve the route map!

Dress up Christmas tree

Agree, the New Year is unthinkable without fragrant fluffy Christmas trees or pine, decorated with colorful toys and garlands. We are so accustomed to the tree, that simply can not imagine New Year without it. Where Santa Claus will be putting their gifts? And what better green beauties adorn the room where guests gather? You may be surprised when you find out that in the New Year rituals associated with the Christmas tree, found the hidden astrological meaning.

A bit of history According to the cosmogony of the ancient sages in the beginning there was no sky, no earth, no stars, but it was only the sea. Then in the middle of the sea appeared pervoderevo from which began to form our World (Universe). This miracle took place in three stages: the first - the birth of the galaxy on December 25 (January 7, Old Style), the second - the birth month (moon) - 1 (14) in January, the third - the birth of Life 6 (19) of January. As the world seemed ancient thinkers in a tree, the earth tree was symbolic.

Christmas tree - is not nothing but a reflection of the sky. Iridescent balls, apples, oranges, tangerines - it stars. The largest white ball - is the Moon, and sickle - a month (young moon) - one or the other is usually set up on top of the Christmas tree. Garlands, beads, stars, nuts, brush mountain ash and viburnum - a constellation and comets, and tape, fluff, cotton wool - it snow, rain and sunlight.

Rite decorate the Christmas tree - a very important astrological ceremony Hanging balls and garlands, we create a model of the cosmic universe with its planets and comets. With this rite can attract into your life a lot of good, to enforce cherished desires. For each of us, creating "my sky", ie dressing up the Christmas tree, hoping that the New Year will bring him happiness.

How do you properly programmed their future for the coming 2008?

It's simple.

If you want to improve their material well-being, "call" in my life money, dressing up the Christmas tree, including decorations, use a coin, as well as cookies, candy, fruit candy and other sweets. For example, attached to spruce branch apples are considered a symbol of fertility. Tear off the Christmas tree candy and eat it - it means to live all year in abundance, it is an ancient tradition.

If a health issue is relevant to you, then please be for decoration silver fir and white garlands, bows, beads and bells
. White color - the color of purity, it helps neutralize disease.

Lone Tree helps people find their other half.If you want good luck in your personal life, want to attract love - decorate the Christmas tree with red balls and hearts, painted eggs - a symbol of harmony in love.

If you want the appearance of a child, hang on the green witch small toys and dress up the Christmas tree with ribbons - pink or blue - at its discretion. And do not forget about the nuts in a gold wrapper, they symbolize the mystery of divine Providence.

Tree need each house - to the sky peered into this house. Ideally, the tree should stand in the middle of the room so that you can drive around the Christmas tree traditional dance. Dance around the Christmas tree - a reflection of the annual cycle, which is based our whole life. Winter turns to spring, that in summer, summer into autumn, autumn into winter again - and so the circle .... Tradition says that if you do not pass a circle around the Christmas trees, the new year will stand out complicated because it is difficult to "wheel" as an annual range.

Handing and receiving gifts

Who brings us gifts? First podarkodarenie associated with Santa Claus, who also has a direct relationship to astrology. Significant prototype Father Christmas is none other than the Roman god Saturn

Roman New Year came exactly from the December Saturnalia - the festivities in honor of the god Saturn. The planet Saturn in astrology stands for older people - a "grandfather", and cold temperatures - is "cold."

Festive Santa Claus - an ancient old man, who initially represents the end of time (end of year), but at the same time - life wisdom, understanding, kindness and generosity. Granddaughter of Grandfather Frost, Snow Maiden - none other than the beautiful Venus. Young, tender, cheerful and kind. Her path - to come to the aid of people endow with love and blessings.

What kind of gifts we expect from Santa Claus and Snow Maiden-Saturn-Venus on the eve of the coming 2008? Saturn, which is now in Virgo, will bring us a small but necessary and practical gifts.

First of all, it will help bring order to the life and values, enhance their professionalism in the work and responsibility. Being in the sign of Virgo, he will teach skillfully managed with the details, accuracy and thrift. Count on our own strength, patience, and you will be able to achieve great success!

HOROSCOPE gifts and celebrate the New Year - 2008

Aries (21.03 - 20.04) Saturn will help tidy up business in areas related to children, love, creativity. Some Aries under this influence will decide in 2008 to have a baby.

New Year's Eve you better meet with your partner. Adversely to spend the holiday alone.

Best gifts for Aries New Year's Eve: wedding ring engraving, small porcelain or ceramic sculptures, vases, embroidery or accessories for her, something with the image of butterflies, poetry collections, things white lace and wickerwork, Bracelets, mats.

Taurus (21.04. - 20.05)You Saturn in 2008 will test for stability in the following areas: real estate, family, relatives, food. Sometimes you will be very difficult, especially in finance, health, work. Appropriate year to go on a diet and lose weight.

New Year is best to meet with colleagues. You can become the soul of the company.As a New Year gift Taurus will delight any small little things such as razors, combs, hair, manicure set. Like they will fall ties, underwear, things from homespun or flax, bronze or jade, ironing board and iron, Sewing, blanket, lawn mower, vacuum cleaner bag or case. A gift for the Taurus can be alive: puppy, kitty, parrot (and even to hint whether this gift of the future owner - decide for yourself).

GEMINI (21.05 - 21.06)Saturn will help you to settle the case with education, brothers, sisters, neighbors and friends. In 2008, time for you to upgrade your social circle.

In the New Year arrange a real holiday, with masks and fireworks. You can go to a restaurant or club.

If you are in love, then let the New Year's Eve begins with a declaration of love or even marriage proposals.As a gift to bring joy to the Twins: banknotes (in a beautiful postcard), lottery tickets, crystal figurines Swarovski style, soft toys, Christmas candles, tickets for shows, musicals and concerts.

CANCER (22.06 - 22.07)You Saturn is no get rich, except that the empty candy wrappers. In 2008, in the field of finance and property will be a lot of problems. In fact, this is a gift from Saturn, though a bit tight - it will help you learn to limit themselves in the media, save for a major purchase (up to the property). And believe me - you will succeed!

The best place for you New Year - own house. Do not go anywhere, better call me to his guests. Great if you're on that night with his parents. After the New Year - a family holiday.

Cancers in the coming year can give: Photo, gloves, ceramics, silver, pewter figurines, sea shells, pots, utensils for the kitchen, coffee grinders, umbrellas, candles and gifts with Christmas symbols and wine in a beautiful bottle.

LIONS (23.07 - 23.08), You expect the lessons in the areas related to children and creativity. Work will be very much, but the chances to get a promotion.

New Year was celebrated in the company, if there is nobody to call, or at least call your neighbors. Can generally start dating a holiday in one place and then go somewhere else.

Lions rejoice if they find under the Christmas tree: Phone or its accessories, a good book, jewelry, painting or reproduction, fashionable poster, doll, model car, aroma lamp, diary, notebook, wall calendar, a pen, a souvenir from the characters, bag.

VIRGO (24.08 - 23.09) your immediate questions move into the following areas: inner peace, self-restraint, health. Saturn will help you complete the previously started works to solve health problems.

New Year better meet for elegant dinner table. Forget for a moment about the diet! At the same time listen to the praise of his culinary art!

Gifts for Dev on this New Year should be very practical- Some things that facilitate everyday thankless task: food processor, samopolzayuschy vacuum cleaner, dishwasher, set of napkins for kofepitiya to him service or set of spoons, curtains in the kitchen, and attach to the main gift otkrytochku with banknotes.

LIBRA (24.09 - 23.10), Well, you'll have to solve problems with friends, colleagues, plans for the future, the support that you have other people. Most likely, in 2008 you completely change your circle of friends. Great chance to make friends with the boss or change jobs. The coming year promises Libra lot of happiness!

Be the center of attention, make a wish. They will come true.

Gift for Libra should be the thing for them, and not in the house. Give a name to an icon, something with the symbol of the sign of Libra, the mascot. Men can give an original souvenir weapon or lighter. Libra woman will be grateful to you for an expensive set of cosmetics.

SCORPIO (24.10 - 22.11), You will experience a Saturn for stability in areas such as social status, career, profession. You may have some difficulty. Most likely, you do not just start all over again in the above areas. But thanks to the support of Saturn you will survive and achieve a lot!

If you are going to celebrate the New Year alone, or even wake - no big deal. Located in a large company you are not too interesting, you can be with yourself.

Scorpio is best to give something magicalFor example, a deck of tarot cards, amulet of the books - a detective, a New Year's mask, camera, slippers, something made of plastic or plastic.

SAGITTARIUS (23.11 - 21.12)Saturn will help you to eliminate the disorder in the areas of education, religion abroad. To all listed you will start to treat with the utmost seriousness. New Year, many of you will meet away from home. After all, the representatives of your plate boundaries of the world simply does not exist.

If you stay at home, the New Year's Eve will be held noisy, with friends, or as they say in "a government house," such as a restaurant.

As a gift, Sagittarius will enjoy: personal horoscope, something with zodiac symbols, computer, clock, water filter, coffee grinder, blender or something from home appliances, manicure equipment, aromatic blend of dried flower petals (sachets).

Capricorn (22.12 - 20.01)In the case of Saturn you will be in the sector responsible for finance, medical operations, cleansing of the body, inheritance, other people's property. As soon as possible, consult a doctor, it helps to avoid operations. Many of you will take large loans or will be engaged in business, but it will go slowly.

New Year to you most naturally to meet with colleagues. If New Year's Eve will be with you and the authorities, the career development is provided to you. In any case - do not sit at home, go out into the community.

Best gift for Capricorn: Fur or crystal, watches, drill, electric toothbrush, a belt, an honorary diploma.

AQUARIUS (21.01 - 19.02), Hold on, Saturn will test your marriage and business relations. Or disappointed you or your loved one will go through a personal crisis that will affect the relationship. You might decide to leave. Sorry to upset you this information, but this is the "gift" of Saturn.

If your New Year's Eve you intend to go to distant lands - objections will not. Just try not to catch a cold, so as not to spoil your holiday.

Aquarius will be pleased to receive a gift: A computer model of the car, globe, phone, icon, figure of an angel, crystal ball, beads, binoculars, a collection of poetry, dream interpretation.

PISCES (20.02 - 20.03)You Saturn will help to restore order in the following areas: everyday chores, health, immediate boss or your subordinates, pets and plants. Have a lot of routine, you will be working from dawn to dusk.

New Year's Eve try to feel the sacredness of the moment. It seems to be a convention, but the hopes of so many people connected, rushing into a new, as yet unknown time.

Let the New Year gift for the Pisces will be: protective talisman, a deck of tarot cards, a book on some occult themes, erotic novel, ice bucket, a fun toy puzzle. You can donate money, but if you can afford to donate a large sum or credit card.

NIGHT with the Venus

Just before New Year's Eve "Snow Maiden" Venus, the patroness of love and romance, will leave the sign of passionate, but gloomy Scorpio and move as a sign of good-natured optimistic Sagittarius.

New Year's Eve, we will meet with Venus in Sagittarius - And it will be an adventurous night of love, full of life twists and turns, good humor and irony, in the style of the beloved comedy "Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath". Sweetheart zabavnitsa Venus easily throw lonely chance to meet your soulmate.

Thing of the past anxiety, feelings, mental wandering and agitation, will be left behind violent showdown with scandals and bursts of emotion. Once again we will gain romanticism, composure and sense of humor.

In love, will have good luck, providedThat we will be open, active, wise, sincere, and we can rejoice in the fact that the "glass half full", ie take the philosophy of Sagittarius as the main standard of the law, the key to success and good luck.

Venus in Sagittarius may call for adventure, be drawn into adventures, charge inexhaustible optimism and cheerfulness, to ensure success. For a festive appearance is quite natural mixture of different styles, and women certainly want for a holiday to change a few outfits, hairstyles. In short - this will be a memorable New Year's Eve!

A little more magic ...

 It is believed that in the new year (for each of the people - according to the calendar adopted in the region), the heavens opened and the gods, spirits, angels, souls of the departed ancestors look at people heed their requests and wishes. Clinking glasses under the chiming clock, we make a wish, in anticipation of the fact that in the new year we all will be well. And rightly so!

It is important to keep all the details of the ritual. Desire is necessary briefly to fix on paper with a pencil. Before the chimes light the candles. With the first blow chimes paper with wishes lit by candles. Not letting them out of the hands, give them a chance to burn out. Then throw the ashes into a glass, whether mineral water or champagne - it does not matter, stir and drink with the last kick of hours.

This ritual can be used in any company - will be fun, mysterious, and your overall expectations and subsequent drinking wishes to each other will accelerate implementation of the plan. But remember that your wish will come true no one can tell until the next New Year. Ritual is a confirmation of your secret treaty with angels and spirits. Man, talk to anyone about their desire to symbolically erases it from the contract and eliminates the possibility of execution.

Those who believe in the help and support forces of such a plan, I want to teach another New Year's magic ritual making wishes. It is important that the desire goals were pivotal years, sincere and not detached from the realities of life and your prospective opportunities.