How to clear consciousness

How to clear consciousness
 To concentrate on something important, you need to clear the mind from the secondary. May interfere with thoughts of past failures and everyday difficulties, personal memories, echoes accidentally seen. All this vain wandering stream of consciousness must be able to discipline.
 A great way to cleanse the mind is meditative walk. Just go outside, without any particular purpose. Can go into the woods or to the park.

Find some steps in a long track 50. Position yourself at the starting point of the track, focus on the sensations of your body. Straighten your back, hands free sveste along the body.

Aim look at a point on the ground, located about three meters away from you. Starts to go down the path. Point let smoothly moves with you. Do not be distracted by objects around you.

Walking should be moderate, calm, smooth. As usual your own pace. If you feel drowsiness, lethargy and depression, go a little more vigorously; and if you feel, on the contrary, hurry, fuss, anxiety, hold your step.

Reaching the end of the designated track you, stop. Take a deep breath and exhale several times, focusing on the state of his body. Listen to yourself, feel the energy you radiate.

Now go back to paying attention already feeling his legs. Feel like they are in contact with the ground, starting from her.

Walk this several times until you feel tired. Be patient. Even if your mind is distracted by external stimuli, return him to concentrate state again and again.

All objects in the environment, which distracted your mind, let me just pass you by. They swim in the stream of your mind, but do not stay in it.

In addition to walking, you can also practice the meditative running. Similarly, a simple meditative walk, while running focuses on the process taking place in your body. Control your breathing.

Do not seek to run the greatest possible distance. You're running around for the cleansing of consciousness, and not for some records. Try to run every time a bit longer, but not far away. Choose neobremenitelny own pace.

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