2008 - Signs of luck!

 Since the year, we were always worried about what will bring good luck. What to do, and what plants grow, what color to wear, and a stone was considered a talisman year. All this and much more in the pages of women's magazine JustLady, for each sign horoscope!  


Preserve the planet Mars
Stone: ruby
Symbol: deer
Metal: iron
Lucky number:nine
Color: golden yellow, red, crimson
Plant: onion, garlic
Animal: sheep
 Hobbies: fitness


Preserve the planet Venus
Stone: marble, sapphire, emerald
Symbol: bull
Metal: copper
Lucky number: two six
Color: green, yellow
Plant: orchid, lilac, lily of the valley
Animal: cow
 Hobbies: cookery


Preserve the planet Mercury
Stone: garnet, topaz
Symbol: star, hand, twins
Metal: alloys, mercury
Lucky number: three
Color: orange, gray-blue, purple, pale yellow
Plant: jasmine
Animal: monkey
 Hobbies: literature


Preserve the planet Moon
Stone: moonstone, pearl
Symbol: heart cancer
Metal: silver
Lucky number: two six
Color: blue, white, blue, silver, purple
Plant: white lily, jasmine
Animal: crab
 Hobbies: reading, cooking


Preserve the planet Sun
Stone: diamond
Symbol: swan, lion
Metal: gold
Lucky number: one
Color: yellow, brown, red, purple, gold, black
Plant: sunflowers, lavender
Animal: lynx, lion
 Hobbies: photo


Preserve the planet Mercury
Stone: cat's eye, jade
Symbol: cube, Maid
Metal: German silver
Lucky number: two, three, six
Color: white, blue, green, purple
Plant: aster, ivy
Animal: chamois, deer
 Hobbies: collecting


Preserve the planet Venus
Stone: emerald
Symbol: scales
Metal: copper
Lucky number: six
Color: magenta, cyan
Plant: rosemary, violet
Animal: panda
 Hobbies: music, singing


Preserve the planet Mars
Stone: ruby, coral, aquamarine
Symbol: eagle, scorpion
Metal: steel, iron
Lucky number: four, eight, nine
Color: yellow, crimson, scarlet
Plant: peony, chrysanthemum, carnation
Animal: beetle, scorpion, eagle
 Hobbies: water sports


Preserve the planet Jupiter
Stone: carnelian, turquoise
Symbol: stars, centaur arrow
Metal: tin
Lucky number: nine
Color: golden yellow, red, purple
Plant: red rose, begonia
Animal: salamander
 Hobbies: Travel


Preserve the planet Saturn
Stone: garnet, onyx
Symbol: clock tower, goat
Metal: lead
Lucky number: four, seven, ten
Color: pale yellow, blue, dark brown, black
Plant: walnut
Animal: mountain goat
 Hobbies: climbing, repair


Preserve the planet Saturn
Stone: amethyst, amber
Symbol: wings
Metal: aluminum
Lucky number: eleven
Color: brilliant, golden-brown, red, crimson
Plant: Alpine Rose
Animal: snake
 Hobbies: breeding fish, swimming


Preserve the planet Jupiter
Stone: pearls, amethyst
Symbol: wave, sink
Metal: tin, zinc
Lucky number: three, nine, twelve,
Color: steel, blue, aqua, red and purple
Plant: jasmine, narcissus
Animal: fish
 Hobbies: music, swimming

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