Deciding to read an interesting book, no longer need to go to the store and spend a lot of free time on its search. Simply look into the online bookstore Sprinter.ru, in the range where thousands of books on very different tastes.
 Online bookshop Sprinter.ru offers a range of literature at affordable prices that will delight even the most demanding customer. The range includes fiction for children and adults, scientific and professional, audiobooks. Here http://www.sprinter.ru can also find interesting and original gift editions, reference books, books in foreign languages ​​and even exciting toys for children.

The site online bookstore www.sprinter.ru developed a convenient directory that allows you to find the necessary literature effortlessly and buy books without leaving home. And on the main page lists all new items offered online store Sprinter.ru, so you'll always be up to date with the appearance of new and interesting literature.

In the online store Sprinter.ru a special program of discounts for which you need only register on the site and sprinter.ru enter the security code in a special window. After that, the system will automatically take into account discounts when ordering online store Sprinter.ru literature. More information can be found on the official website of the online store http://www.sprinter.ru.

In addition, the online store can do Sprinter.ru order for books that are not in stock. For this online www.sprinter.ru have a special section called "book on demand."

Convenient system of payment for the goods, you can choose which online sprinter.ru, allows you to buy books without problems. Pay the order made in the online store of literature Sprinter.ru, you can use cash or bank transfer, cash on delivery, bank transfer, as well as through Yandex. Money or WebMoney.

To buy the book, you need to register and place your order. Delivery of Sprinter.ru can be made in any convenient way for you - courier Sprinter.ru store in Moscow and St. Petersburg, the courier company «PONY EXPRESS», by self or by mail Russia.

Our stores and offices goods online store Sprinter.ru is located at:
Moscow, m 1905, Carpenter Lane, d. 14, entrance 2. Telephone: (499) 922-66-05, 8 (800) 100-41-75 (free).
St. Petersburg, pr. Thorez, d. 68 (zd "Electron"). Phone: (812) 987-32-84, (812) 987-32-93.

To ensure you receive the goods on the day of arrival must necessarily agree on the phone time and its presence in the warehouse store Sprinter.ru. And ask your question, please visit the on-line counselor or email admin@sprinter.ru

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