Snake against: it is not necessary to wear on New Year's

Snake against: it is not necessary to wear on New Year's
 The symbol of the coming 2013 - black water snake. That is why, to the year was a success, but luck is not turned away, when choosing the gala costume should take into account the wishes of the Eastern calendar. It is obvious that the right outfit will be a "snake" costume - with elements of decor or snakeskin. But not all outfits can curry favor with the Eastern Snake. The mistake would be if you put yourself on New Year's Eve following things.
 Snake in Eastern culture as a symbol of the carnival, so the New Year's holiday is allowed to wear a bright carnival costume. But do not rush to extremes and to dress up, for example, rabbit, bird, mouse, and other animals that are essentially prey for predators. Well suited heroes of fairy tales and costumes evil forces.

Since water snakes 2013. - Black in festive costume must be present black element. In this case, the little black dress - not the best choice to meet the coming New Year. For bright party it will look too flat and insipid. Equally inappropriate in the New Year's Eve in honor of water snakes will look bright knitted sweater dress summer outdoor sunny colors and strict trouser suit and tie. Snake - the rational animal, cold, refined, luxurious. And she had to comply.

Absurd and ridiculous in this fabulous night look any traditional daily sets of blouses and skirts, jeans and T-shirts, shirts, shorts, pajamas and a bathrobe, and other familiar things. New Year - a holiday, and a nice outfit will contribute to the festive mood. Once a year, for the sake of Water Snake can even try to change the image.

Choosing Christmas outfit, do not dwell on the plain dress or suit. Boring and humdrum look green, blue, silver, brown-colored things, despite the fact that it is - the recommended colors to meet the year of the Snake. Let you stand out in a festive crowd volume patterned, shiny, glossy coloring attire.

And certainly you can call the favor of the principal symbol of the holiday, if the image is missing parts, accessories or decoration, stylized snake skin.

Not like Snake not only tasteless, dull and sullen outfit, but also the same faceless spirits. So do not forget the smile and positive public thought that luck that brings water snakes, always looked in your home!

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