Make-up horoscope for August: choose the color of lipstick on the sign of the zodiac

 Tired idle hours in the store, choosing lipstick: "There is not going ?! ". We offer you the easiest option - to pick up the lipstick to your character and ... birthstone! It is not necessary to treat this horoscope too seriously, though, as you know, every joke has some truth.


You - adventurer at heart, a man with a dynamic and enthusiastic in everything, whatever you do, and most of you are defiantly red.


You - are elegant and charming. Pale purple lipstick will give you extra charm.


"Windy, fickle, flighty," - such characteristics you often hear in his address. Do you prefer all youth, bright and vivid. So that your appearance speaks for itself - lip gloss, preserving their natural color, you only add naturalness.


Amorous, emotional and creative - these men love women. And when their lips lipstick pearl coffee, they just can not resist.


Such a creative, talented and generous nature, you will look great with lipstick bronze shade on the lips. Do not forget the brilliance.


You are mysterious and sensual. Pearl pink - that's the color of your lipstick!


For sociable, seductive and charming ladies white pearl lipstick will be indispensable.


Passionate, enthusiastic, strong, has a tremendous intuition woman can not help but admit that looks great with a golden lipstick.


Honest, philosophically minded optimist - a very rare combination of such important human qualities. You were able to absorb them into itself. Orange tones only make you more beautiful.


Cheerful, ambitious and yet disciplined woman. You - a man of contrasts. Do not defeat the dark coffee lipstick.


Straightforward and faithful, friendly and caring. Do not fret, it's really all about you. Lipstick copper color with a slight sheen - here is the answer to all questions.


Receptive, emotional, sensitive, sentimental, merciful, compassionate, friendly - your epithets no end. Light beige shades of lipstick with shine you did not spoil.

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