How to attract good luck and wealth

How to attract good luck and wealth
 Some people are rich and lucky. Others, however, are poor and very unlucky. Do this any objective prerequisites? And if so, what should take unluckiest man to his life, everything changed for the better?
 The fact that some people are very lucky, and others, on the contrary, can not get rid of the problems seen quite clearly. What is the cause of good luck, or, conversely, bad luck? Astrologers believe that the cause must be sought in the configuration of the planets at the moment of birth. It turns out that people are initially put in unequal conditions - for some, all roads are open, while others now and then run into closed doors.

At the same time, the stars incline, but do not require, and it is also one of the principles of astrology. If you are chronically unlucky, ask a good astrologer to analyze your natal chart and identify the causes of failures. In addition, the astrologer can predict the future and the best opportunity - that is the time when the previously closed doors are open. You will receive a very real tips that can change your life for the better.

One of the main causes of chronic lack of money is not lazy, not a lack of business acumen, and wrong thinking. The Universe is ready to fulfill your deepest desires, but it is necessary to know the secret of his. He is: the universe builds your reality in full accordance with your thoughts. That is, as long as you think you are poor and unlucky, you so and will. You are putting this template on your life, ask the universe appropriate program. Moreover, the universe and understands your desires are very specific. For example, you say "I want a lot of money". Universe agrees - "Well, do you want". Proper desire should formulate the final result. For example, "I am rich", "I have a big beautiful house," "I drive an expensive car prestigious". And let all that you do not already - if you are able to create in the minds of the correct template, will be able to feel successful rich man, the situation is the most amazing way will begin to change for the better. This does not mean that you have to sit idly by. Just your endeavors, your work will pay off. The world will turn to face you, you will see in practice, what luck. 

It is understood that the man without money is hard to convince himself that he is rich and behave like a wealthy person. Then change the formula for the option that you can more easily absorb. For example, "Every day I become all collateral and luckier." And remember that the easiest way to "scare off" money - is to feel sorry for them, fuss over every penny. Money is like a light attitude. Remember the "Golden Calf" by Ilf and Petrov - last money left after the collapse of the "horns and hooves," Bender spent bouquet for Zosia s husband. Give your loved ones gifts, even if you spend all the money on it, and the (very important!) Do not consider them last. They have a lot, but there will be more. The more money you spend, the more the universe will give them to you.

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