Chinese horoscope

Chinese horoscope
 Have you noticed that many people start reading newspapers from the last page - the one where the print horoscopes? People want of confidence in the future stability and accurate knowledge of his fate. Perhaps astrology - one of the oldest sciences, which became part of the culture of many states. Developed astrological systems were already among the ancient inhabitants of Egypt, Mesopotamia, Northern Europe and China. Today the most popular Western (zodiac) and eastern (Chinese) horoscope. The latter will be discussed.

Chinese astrological system has about 3 thousand years. This system is linked to the lunar calendar. Incomplete cycle is 12 years, and, every year manages your pet.

It is believed that a person born in the year of a certain animal, endowed with certain features of his patron. As well as in the western horoscope sign of birth determines the destiny of man.

Thus, for example, born in the Year of the Dragon attributed exceptional luck, "tigers" are unpredictable and unstable, "snake" wise and beautiful. "Monkey" is - born businessmen and "dog" remains true to his ideals to the last breath.

Since the lunar month is not equal to the calendar, the date of the Chinese New Year "floats". As a rule, it falls on the time period from 20 January to 20 February.

But what kind of animals have received your personal year? The first year of the 12-year cycle is under the auspices of the Rat, and the latter belongs to the pigs (wild boar). In between are Ox, Tiger, Dragon, Rabbit, Monkey, Rooster, Horse, Snake, Pig and Dog.

Generally, there is a legend about the connection of each year, the Eastern horoscope with the animal. More precisely, some of these legends, but this - the most popular.

According to her once celebrated the birthday of the Buddha, which has decided to collect all terrestrial animals. So, invitations sent out, but since the holiday fell on the cold season - decided not to come all the animals, only twelve.

To get to the birthday, it was necessary to overcome the cold wide river. Say clever rat soften bull (buffalo) and moved it to the opposite shore. Before he could go ashore, the rat jumped off his back and went into the house birthday. So small and tricky critter got an appointment to see the Buddha first.

After the bull arrived tiger behind him - a rabbit (in another version it was a cat), following the water entered the Dragon. It was followed by a snake, horse, sheep (or goat), monkey cautious, handsome rooster and economic dog. The last wild boar crossed the river. In gratitude for the visit of the Buddha gave each animal a year of the reign.

Yet why, for example, do not say "Year of the Dragon" and "Year of the Fire Dragon"? The fact that the full cycle of the Chinese horoscope is 60 years. Because any matter, every being, in general, everything is made up of five elements (elements).

Apart from the fact that the year is managed by a specific animal, it also had one of the elements. Each element has its own color: Metal - White Earth - yellow, light - red, Water - blue, tree - green. Here and there in the calendar year or the year of the White Tiger Yellow Rabbit.

By the way, in contrast to the western population, residents of the East is extremely attentive to his horoscope. Until now, many of them would not proceed to an important matter without consulting an astrologer.

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