Summer neon new collection of nail ORLY

 Mark ORLY presented summer collection of nail polishes Feel the Vibe, including 6 new shades of the actual season - from the dusty white to neon green - and an additional set of 4 thumbnails. Each of these colors effectively underlines the golden summer tan and uplifting.

The colors in the new series of unusually bright: neon orange Melt Your Popsicle, refreshing white Dayglow, deep blue Skinny Dip, poisonous yellow Glowstick, fuchsia Beach Cruiser and created options for evening black with shimmering sequins After Party. All varnishes - with easy Shimmer, which under normal lighting quite noticeable.

If the tone lacquer seems too bright, it can be a bit dim, adding to the basic dark finish one top layer of bright color. So manicure will look lighter, without losing pitch.