Michael Kors fans storming the internet

 Michael Kors suddenly discovered the iPad, and with it the world of the Internet and realized that the future is still behind all this. Such insight inspired the famous fashion designer to launch two projects in the entire network.

In addition to the main site Michael Kors has another destinationkors.com. On its pages, the creators of the brand share all the latest events in the company, share photos and videos promotions and even post master classes on makeup. Destination KORS was conceived as a direct relationship with the fans of the brand.

On the same site and is an independent project, named Living the Kors Life. This is a series of rollers, the main role is played by the employee in which Michael Kors. They talk about what style of clothing prefer what things are and what they combine. On the page below the video attached list, shown in the video things, where to buy, how much, and what kind of things from Michael Kors they look like.