Breathing perfume and mist: a collection of Christian Dior

 With the advent of Raf Simons at the head of the fashion house Christian Dior involves a lot of expectations. While the work of the designer are looking for a CD, because he released only two collections - haute couture and Spring / Summer 2013, which was presented at the Paris Fashion Week.

Conversations and arguments about how positively or negatively impact the appearance of Raf Simons in the fashion house, being very much, and as long as the parties have not reached a consensus. His collections look splash of cold water in the face compared to the hot show Galliano. Both the designer - bright personality, and everyone has their own vision of the way the fashion house. Raf Simons, whose work for Jil Sander has always evoked the approval of the fashion critics, earned the title of "minimalist from fashion." Of course, he did not retreat from his style and in collections for Christian Dior. Focusing on a elegant lines and elaborate forms, it caused resentment on the part of fans of the brand who continue to wait for orders from originality, catchiness, brightness.

Dresses hourglass-shaped collection haute couture, as well as all of this collection, the designer has created, having carefully studied the style of Dior. He spent hours in the library of the fashion house, looking at pictures of the founder of the brand. Raf Simons believes that the true spirit of the brand lies in those structural elements which have been developed during the life of Christian Dior, and return to them or revise them, could open a new way for the fashion house, which in recent years has left aside.

Raf Simons before faces a difficult task - using the techniques of minimalism (the method by which he speaks perfect) to create things that were just things Dior. How he does it, can be seen on the Spring / Summer 2013, presented at the Paris Fashion Week.

Suits and dresses, coats, long jackets made of plain fabrics, but complex and diverse forms - round and wide skirts and dresses some jackets, geometric, sharp edges others. As a complement tape-scarf - the emphasis from the past with a modern edge. Dresses and strapless tops, insecure sitting on his chest, underline the fragility of the girls, create a gentle and sensual image. Bright and skirts at the waist with a simple top, short dresses in horizontal stripes - it's all there, but the tissue from which they are made, tie them to the present. It's hard not to pay attention to the materials in this collection - iridescent organza frivolous luxury collected in lush Basque tops - playful liberty or emphasize elegance? From bright - loops. Translucent top transforms, "dorisovyvaet" silhouettes dresses-covers.

Will Rafa Simons, lead by the hand of the dusty halls of the last real Lady Dior, in doing so, and loved if she viewers? To judge this, you will need at least one more collection, the third - say, a lucky number.