Ivan Dorn wins space

 Having won the hearts of millions of fans without exaggeration on our planet, Ivan Dorn seems, went to storm the scene of other stars and nearby galaxies. At least on such thoughts suggests the newly released video of the singer.

"Idol" is the name of the song, which was filmed last movie Dorn. If there is space theme in the video you would think that the singer waved to the status of Yuri Gagarin our, melt the hearts of women all over the Earth one of his smile. However, the same clip and the song is not about that. A strange chain of events from the appearance of Ivan Dorn in some bunker to prepare astronauts, people are very fashionable and precocious children serious, to launch missiles, though not accompanied by footage shot from "8 ½» Fellini explained quite simply. "Everything has been sucked juices" - complains Dorn and supposedly runs from humanity, explaining: "I'd rather be alone." However, in space, as can be seen from the video, his friends catch up, dancing awkwardly in weightlessness. Well, Kubrick silently envies, and fans of the singer is to learn a new word hit.