Developed an application that replaces the psychologist

 "You have a problem? Want to talk about it? "- So now can say more than just your psychoanalyst, but also your personal phone. It's enough to download the program to your iPhone or iPad.

Thanks to the efforts of experts in the treatment of anxiety disorders, has now become possible to have a personal psychologist in my phone and solve problems by means of a special program. This application for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch called «Anxiety Coach» reduces feelings of fear and anxiety, and increased support of its owner in the period between the present methods psychologist when it's needed. Anxiety Coach able to cope with both normal shyness and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

The basis of this application cognitive behavioral therapy. People using it passes through a series of tasks, the main task - to give confidence in their own abilities. In this case, Anxiety Coach monitors the level of anxiety and success of training in real time.