Christina Aguilera: "Sometimes you need a red"

 This month, his perfume novelty is Christina Aguilera. The aroma was, at least, seductive name - Red Sin (Red defect).

Aguilera likes to put pressure on sexuality. At this time, the perfume bottle is decorated with bright red lace pattern and flavor came out very sensual and feminine. Top notes will warm in the cold, they are based - the basis for mulled apple and cinnamon. At the heart of cyclamen, and turned plume is also very spicy sandalwood, musk, ginger.

The singer says that red and lace combined with the aroma - on purpose. Firstly, lace always evokes passion in the woman, and the red color gives confidence. Secondly, in this alliance scarlet lace and spices owner of Red Sin will feel, according to Aguilera, really desirable and irresistible.