Jolie and Depp: roles in Hollywood "Master and Margarita"

 Hollywood greedy hands on our holy sights - Bulgakov's novel "Master and Margarita". Preparing for the film adaptation is already under way, and on the role approved by the most eminent actors.

An amount of $ 100 million already announced by director Scott Steyndorfom as budget film based on the legendary book in our country that had lain for several years under the ban of the CPSU. I must say that at the moment no film adaptation anyone failed, and shooting is always accompanied by some mysterious tragedies.

"Master and Margarita" at one time tried to remove Roman Polanski, but his plans have sunk into oblivion for lack of funds for such a massive project. Steyndorf, being also the producer of the film company Stone Village Pictures, was not scared and even endorsed the main roles truly stellar cast. According to the latest rumors, The Master and Margarita in the film will play not just anybody, and "tourist" duo of Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie. Epic and can be reserved in the film role of Al Pacino. He can play Woland. But that's not all! The role of Pontius Pilate can reach John Malkovich. So far, all attempts to Hollywood to film Russian literary works in the best case caused an ironic smile. But you never can tell with such a composition!