"50 shades of gray" literature awarded "Oscar"

 Frank novel EL James, filling his gray covers bookshelves stores worldwide, was named best British novel in the "Popular Literature".

British Book Award in 2012 at the national level has recognized the success of the novel, which, for a moment, refers to the erotic and very close to pornography.

"Rotted through in the state of Denmark" - thought by many. But not readers of the book. Obviously, the jury among National Book Awards in 2012 were women who work and vote for EL James.

But the point is not that the book openly sexual themes. By the way, "50 shades of gray" escaped the fate to become the winner is awarded recently Award for the worst description of sex scenes in literature Bad Sex in Fiction Award 2012. The problem is this: a novel EL James inherently not original, it is built on allusions and references to classical English literature of the Victorian era, and women's literature.

Much more important than artistic merit proved the success of "50 shades of gray" readers. The total realized circulation trilogy reaches unnatural for publishing figures of 60 million copies. Affect not only the volume, as the rate of sales, for the first publication of the novel dates back to the year 2011. For this indicator, "50 shades of gray" and ahead of "Harry Potter" and "Twilight."

For all these achievements are not only a book but also its author won prestigious awards. EL James joined the list of most influential people in the world according to the Times, and Publishers Weekly, the American magazine industry, found her man of the year in the book publishing business. Many publishers were very surprised and even amazed at this decision, because until 2012, the title never awarded writers, received his business.
Insidious formula akin to a mixture of hero "Perfume", which managed to bring EL James won the hearts of millions of women around the world. General paranoia about "50 shades of gray" does not cease: readers like starving hunters coming to a store for books, even at night.
"50 shades of gray" literature awarded "Oscar"