Men's Clothing that does not like women

 Rejoice, woman! On the whole heap of research on the topic of how women should dress, in the opinion of men, scientists finally came to the study of women's preferences in men's appearance.

Despite the fact that the regular one-fifth of all men puts their halves requirements about what to wear, what to wear and not worth it, every third woman is also engaged in such "advice", until the discharge is not popular with her things in the trash. They often argue that she is ashamed to appear in public with a man in a similar dress.

Women - thin nature, loving strong and sensitive men, but even they are not alien to the principle meet on clothes, and escorted to the mind. That is why many travelers can hopelessly spoil relations, if a man put on him the wrong "dress uniform" (60% of cases). 28% of respondents at the time refused to continue the visits because of the fact that they did not like men's clothing.

Much of this depends on the color sense things than on style. For example, scientists have found that most (64%) of women do not like purple men's shirts. Classic white gained the most positive responses (13%), followed by blue (11%) and even pink shirts (6%).

But that's not all, pay attention to that woman. For 17% of women was important haircut men and 9% - shoes and her purity. Overall, a quarter of women believe that the appearance of their men can and should be improved.