Videoistoriya tweed jacket Coco Chanel

 On the Internet, a new short documentary of the history of the fashion house Chanel. The object of attention this time was the legendary tweed jacket Coco, seriously change the fashion more than half a century ago.

In spite of prolonged corset and ryusham Madame Chanel in the mid-50s took and gave the men a straight jacket at the mercy of fashionable women. She provided him with logo buttons of his fashion house, sewed on a real wide pockets sewed on the bottom of the jacket chain for proper weight and trimmed with contrasting ribbon. Of course, it was made of a soft and pliable Scottish tweed. And all of these risks only for the sake of the woman was able to move and breathe freely. After more than 60 years, these jackets have not gone away and continue to be an important piece of clothing fashionable woman. What unspeakably promotes Karl Lagerfeld at the post of creative director Chanel. This is a little different and a new video of the brand.

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