Life - it's a pain, men experienced childbirth simulator

 To protect women from unwanted pregnancies due to the carelessness of their partners, American scientists have developed devices that simulate the feeling women in childbirth. Now men will no longer say, "Well, think of - birth! ".

Try for yourself pains offered to all men, but agreed to only two. And they then regretted it. The device simulator consists of electrodes that are attached to the abdomen and chest of volunteers and let them impulses, reducing muscle. According to the results of the experiment no man could not endure the full cycle of struggles, which once again proves that the first Nobel Prize rodivshemu man and have a peaceful holiday.

Life - it's a pain, men experienced childbirth simulator

Thomas Beatie, the first rodivshy man, and he was in the past, women

The first appearance of contractions men began kicking, biting his lips till the blood and even to shout, do not hesitate to doctors around. According to them, the pain they felt was so monstrous that it seemed to them as if they saw sawing.

"It's worse than I imagined," - complained to one of the men, and called his wife have given birth a true hero. That's the same!