Will present the new iPhone in early September

 Presentation of the new brainchild of Apple, is still willing and forward looking, show the world September 10th.
AllThingsD resource reservation that the Apple iPhone 5S presentation outlined at the beginning of autumn. In addition to the new phone will see the light in June announced iOS 7, much updated and able to "make friends" with previous versions of devices.
What's new promise to developers Apple? First, perhaps, iPhone 5S will accompany the "younger brother" - a simplified, cheaper version. Secondly, the expected increase in diagonal screen size of up to 4, 3 inches, the new IGZO display, improved camera, 2GB of RAM, a fingerprint reader. Apple employees do not comment on this information, but it has been suggested that, simultaneously with the presentation of iPhone 5S will be held to present a new Mac OS, innovative TV and hours, but this is unlikely.
While the Apple iPhone brings more than half of the profit interest in the products decreases - in the second half of the year the share of phones on the market fell more than 3%. Will the iPhone 5S jerk, which will not withstand the onslaught of wind down Samsung, learn in a month.