Robert Downey Jr. is working on HTC

 August 15, is expected to appear first infomercial Change of a series of projects in which Robert Downey Jr. will represent HTC as a progressive and not without a sense of humor group.
Highest paid Hollywood actor this year bought two years to participate in advertising HTC. Taiwanese brand has apparently decided to buck up and as a person brand made a bid for the musician character, freak all new - Iron Man. Like Tony Stark, the god of high technology, the hero, Robert Downey Jr. in the campaign HTC will promote and advance the incredible innovations.
In addition to an inspired mood in the commercials will were present humor - the actor will present a variety of options decryption brand name. In a short video announcing the campaign HTC, according to him, means Humongous Tinfoil Catamaran (catamaran foil epic proportions). The next version promises to be no less ridiculous, for example - Hold This Cat (Hold this cat).
Like HTC managed to get Robert Downey Jr., remains a mystery. We will monitor the development of the plot.