Telekinesis in a coffee shop: Fear Carrie

 At the end of next month, comes the film "Telekinesis", but the creators have managed to attract the attention of the film laughing now via posted on YouTube videos.
"Telekinesis" is a remake of "Carrie" in 1976, a film based on the novel by Stephen King about a girl with a dangerous ability. Filmmakers beat telekinesis topic in an interesting way, experience the effects of his actions on human beings.
Visitors to New York coffee shops were extremely shocked by the scene played out before their eyes. After the young man spilled coffee on a girl, she just nailed his gaze to the wall. Of course, the main actors - the actors, and the establishment of specially equipped for such a show, but a person witnesses inimitable. The effect of telekinetic presentation was very bright - it is understandable why 2, 5-minute video was able to score two days more than 16 million views.