Hot accurately model the ice in DSquared²: advertising video

 Model Kim Sun Hui and Pallu alternate outfits and good spend the evening enjoying predominantly own society in typical DSquared² video.

Over advertising autumn-winter collection 2013 DSquared² Hot as Ice again worked Senio Zapruder film director and musician Stefano Riva. The duo is never limited to just pretty pictures, giving great importance to promoting music and audacity, even insolence. The plot is simple and is an affectation models for the camera, but the rhythm and imagery dorisovyvayut image so that the movie is addictive.

Glasses, butterflies, hats, dresses, seriousness and laughter - Samoironichnye approach of the authors videos washes layer of glamor and leaves him only the essence of the idea DSquared², inextricably linked with youth, courage and independence.