Cleaning the house and cooking are harmful to women's health

 Sometimes on compassionate British scientists did not want to laugh, they want to hug and cry. This is because sometimes they get up on our own, feminine side. For example, recently, researchers have said that women are very harmful to leave.

At this time, the rescue came not English, and scientists from the United States. They reported that the work on the house makes to suffer cardiovascular system by women. The study, which they held, attended by some hundreds of men and women. The results showed that those who in addition to the main work involved cleaning, grocery shopping and paying bills, etc., are much more likely to suffer from high blood pressure. Americans associate these disappointing figures with our crazy rhythm of life, when the time to rest and do not remain. Thus, household chores only increase the burden on our already subjected to stress the body.

The most dangerous for the heart occupations were found to cleaning, cooking and buying large amounts of food. And the danger in them primarily that, each time performing a particular case, the woman feels the burden of responsibility for all this and worried about what to do everything as best as possible. Smaller risks arise when paying bills, repairing machines and planning the family budget, as often these actions obsuzhdaemy within the family. At the same time taking care of animals and children is considered to be the safest health responsibilities of women.

To minimize the burden on the woman's body on household chores, scientists are advised to cease to be a female heroine and do not bear the burden of household only on themselves. The distribution of responsibilities in the home among households - the perfect way out. In addition, experts believe that it is useful to discuss their plans with their loved ones. If this does not work, women are advised to meditate instead of Home Affairs.