What to watch on 35 MIFF

 In Moscow launched 35 International Film Festival, one of the world's oldest film festivals. Extensive and varied program of films stretched in time for 10 days - from 20 to 29 June - and geographically into several areas - cinema "October", "Summer Pioneer", "Illusion", the Center of documentary films, theater actor.
Opens 2013 Moscow International Film Festival "War of the Worlds Z» with Brad Pitt in the lead role, and will be completed "Rasputin" Irakli Kvirikadze with Gerard Depardieu.
What to watch on 35 MIFF
"War of the Worlds Z»
Handing out awards to an international jury, which included: Mohsen Makhmalbaf, the legendary Iranian activist and director (as chairman), French film director, winner of the 62nd Berlin Film Festival, Ursula Mayer, actors Sergei Garmash, Zurab Kipshidze, the founder of the largest Asian Film Festival in Busan, author of the book "History of the Korean movie" Kim Dong-ho.
In the main competition will feature 16 films: from Italy ("Spaghetti-story"), Georgia ("Lawlessness"), Japan ("Valley of Farewell"), Poland ("Highway Patrol"), France ("Back in Crime") , South Korea ("Lebanese emotions"), Serbia, Germany, Hungary ("Mamarosh"), the Netherlands ("Matterhorn"), the UK ("Pleasure"), Spain ("Port guys"), Switzerland ("Rosie") Turkey ("particles"), Brazil ("Aliens memories") and Russia ("Judas", "Role", "Slip").
Documentary Competition will continue the program "Free Thought" (in which will show a film about Woody Allen), and the competition of short films - "Short Film Corner". Gastronomic and moral provocation will traditionally "Sex, food, culture, death."
What to watch on 35 MIFF
"Paradise: Hope"
35 MIFF program name will be devoted to the work of Bernardo Bertolucci, Ursula Mayer, memory Alexei Balabanov. The big event of the festival - featuring Ulrich Seidl triptych "Paradise" in his hope, faith and love.
Particular attention MIFF 2013 special programs took kinoregionam such as Portugal, the Netherlands and South Korea, and the French Cinematheque brought masterpieces of 30-70 years.
What to watch on 35 MIFF
"Eternal return"
Among Gala 35 MIFF - "Marathon" Karen Hovhannisyan, "It's not me," Mary Sahakyan, "The boy nicknamed" HLB "" Yasuo Furuhata, "Capital" Costa-Gavras. In the "Special Screenings" - "Castle" by Aleksei Balabanov, "Gardener" Mohsen Makhmalbaf. "8 1/2 movie" will work together Godard, Greenaway and Pera called 3x3d, «Eternal Return" by Kira Muratova, "Touch of Sin" Jia Zhangke, winner of the Cannes Film Festival award in 2013 for best screenplay, and "Eli" Amat Escalante also the winner of this year's Cannes prize "For the best direction."
What to watch on 35 MIFF
"Mood Indigo"
Other major films to the call of the international film festival in Moscow will arrive "Mood Indigo" Gondry, will "Morning Star" with Iggy Pop, seem "North Shore" Eichinger, sounds "best offer" by Giuseppe Tornatore. And in the shadow of the night in the "Summer Pioneer" will show "Only God Forgives" with Ryan Gosling.
Detailed program and schedule 35 MIFF - the official website of the festival.