"House MD" retires

 After 177 episodes medical "Santa Barbara" with Hugh Laurie led finally came to an end. Mark this milestone crew decided to gulp 150 bottles of champagne in the studio. No one is hurt.

Yesterday on Fox got the final series of the cult "House" caught in his time in the Guinness Book of Records. Eight years of the series held in suspense, forcing the heart to laugh and worry about the fate of the main characters. At the peak of popularity if it was not any more topics for discussion, but to throw Does Vicodin House drink, whether it converges with Cuddy finally stop there limp and become a normal person, and of course, but when his team returns to the Thirteenth. But everything comes to an end, and even favorite TV series, the last episode is even called "All mortal."

In this series, in the presence of a lot of suspense, because it threatens to House is a prison, death. Especially impressionable viewers even, perhaps, could catch with tears in his eyes. But in the end everyone had to breathe a sigh of relief, albeit a little sad. But as they say, a long farewell - more tears.

Completion of the series producers commented phrase in the spirit of Dr. House: "And the viewer, and the doctor are tired." Picked up numerous awards, the character Hugh Laurie retires, and the actor is planning to devote his life to music and further the charity group Band From TV, in which he plays solo. By the way, on June 25 with this team Laurie will play a concert in Moscow.