Fragrance for a loved one.

 Passing the men nabryzgannogo my favorite cologne, I'm all in a standstill. But trying to pick up the toilet water to someone of your friends, I always came up against a dead end - and what he prefers? How to guess? And as always, I came to the aid of astrology, as the planet's birthday can tell not only about the nature of man, but also about his preferences.

Aries prefers bright scents that help it stand out, emphasize the image of a business man. He likes the complex heat-sour smell typical of Cologne. When choosing a fragrance is worth to focus on what would be the smell was quite sharp and strong, emphasized the rigidity in the affairs of men, helped to show people that he is serious.

Taurus refined and elegant man, so the flavors prefers appropriate. And absolutely do not recognize synthetic scents - "naturalness in everything" - this is his motto. Perhaps that is why as a gift it is better to choose lighter scents, even subtle. Can be floral or wood - they, too, he liked it.

Gemini - Is changeable air is always fresh, new, ultra-modern. This sign loves diversity as a way of life that is expressed in the choice of perfume. So sometimes eau de toilette is not chosen flavor, and "just lovely bottle." If you do not want to make a mistake in the present, focusing on the most fashionable trend or publicized - windy sign appreciate it.

Crayfish one of the most romantic men, so it is most suitable sweetish, sensual scents. Deep note of musk or faintly sweet chocolate helps to create his desired image. Support him and you, selecting the appropriate cologne.

Lion - The king, and the fragrance is designed to about their situation could say without words. Therefore, the aromas of this "beast" must be stylish, power, pronounced. And be sure to expensive quality. Therefore, when choosing perfume focuses not only on the smell, but also on the "appearance" - he will appreciate brand mark.

Virgo male - a staunch conservative, largely prefers classics. And perfumes are no exception. Choosing refined compositions, this man is still more focused on the flavors associated with some memories. Therefore, without knowing his tastes, choose the smell will be difficult.

Libra do not like sharp flavors, and therefore rarely use cologne. Much more they are attracted to, for example, after shave lotion with a touch of unobtrusive, true air scent with finely selected composition. When choosing a gift can make an emphasis on the flavors of style "sea breeze" and unlikely to be mistaken.

Scorpio prefers to be in the spotlight, so it suited the heavy, mysterious aromas. Something delicious, seductive will like this Casanova, so choosing a gift, look aromas with spicy notes, oriental flavors mixed with charming musk.

Sagittarius loves natural flavors. No chemistry, choose scents with hints of exotic fruits and plants. When inhaled the perfume should attract the road, creating images of distant countries, to promise something far fabulous, then he will have to taste this man.

Capricorn may choose and "chypre" and cologne "Sasha", because it is a rare conservative, preferring stable classics around. Perfume should be soundly, stand, and no new features. Therefore, if you know what he prefers, then nothing else to buy - will be on the shelf is likely sealed.

Aquarius - A rebel, crazy or a genius, always stands out from the crowd, not like anyone. Therefore prefers extreme odors that can emphasize its individuality. He fit new items with bright sour notes. However, you can give something to a series of "unisex" and certainly it is like it too.

Fish most romantic nature of all zodiac signs. Therefore, this fragrance for men in any case should not be heavy. Something light, airy, with some spicy notes, will leave a vivid memory of you in a very impressionable soul of a man-fish.

Author: Bolotov Lelia

Tags: aroma